Another one we couldn’t play in our allotted radio slot on account of a station-imposed watershed, here are Dublin’s V98.
The band’s debut EP Pressgang came out a short while ago and as the name suggests it addresses the socio-political nettle bush that is the work-life balance. “I’ll get a fucking job when I want a fucking job”, goes opening track Conversation Killer as it barks into life. Barks into life and then doesn’t let you go, a little terrier of a track with the leg of your jeans securely in clamped it’s jaws. From a band that previously ran into a fight with the Velcro Corporation (Velcro-98 became V-98 as a result) we expect little less.

Pressgang is out now. Follow @V98band

words by @johnnydobbo


Got a recording this week, you lucky people. Some proper bangers this week too.

Calista Kazuka – Benzo Belle
Neurotic Wreck – Funeral Of Roses
Silent Forum – A Pop Act
Walrus – Cool To Who
Human Don’t Be Angry – Bum A Ride
El Gobierno – Punk Para Listos
The Harveys – Frank Got Married
Ditz (pictured) – Total 90
Officer – Tilt The Clox
Avalanche Party – Rebel Forever
C-30s – Sgt Wilko
Buriers – Glory Hunter
Cloth – Tripp
HAAi – 6666
DJ Shadow – Rocket Fuel ft. De La Soul
The Moods – Strong ft. Shapes


System crashed, so no recording and hence no me rambling. Instead, a mash up of the tracks.

Paws – Not Enough
Calico Vision – Neon Blood
Dog Of Man – Wedding Night Erection Failure
Fox Medicine – Comfort Pony
False Advertising – Wasted Days
Dismembered Sound Booth – Jan Leeming
David Ryder Prangley – Black Magic & True Love
Seazoo – Heading Out
Def Robot – Significance
The Bikini Bottoms – Spring Clean
Pleasure Island – The Game
The Orielles – Come Down On Jupiter
Moreofus – Games
Lick – Rebel
Yin Yin – One-Inch Punch
Anne Mueller – Nummer 2


Bit of mess this week, but managed to style it out more or less.

Midnight Divide – Say You Believe
Dispel – Modal Consequences
Elizabeth The Second – Gimme One Euro
Imperial Wax – Bromidic Thrills
Talkboy – Hollow Spheres
Sugar Horse – GakEater
Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage – LPs
Self Abuse – Blowing A Fuse
Ivory Wave – Weigh Me Down
Mush – Eat The Etiquette
Starsha Lee – Postmodern
Pulled Apart By Horses (pictured) – Is This Thing On?
Project Pablo – The Solution


Lots of great stuff as we continue the search for your next favourite band

Junky Love – Slaves
The Softone – Alone & Weird
The New Art School – The Chosen One’s
The 1865 – John Brown’s Gat
The Scaners – X-Ray Goggles: On
Ollie Trevers – Stage Of Fools
BOA – Bag Of Seeds
Martha Bean – Along The Lonely
K Michelle Dubois – Feast Or Famine
Nelson Can (pictured) – I Used To Sleep Through Everything
Sleigh Bells – Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
Kim Gordon – Air BnB
Girls In Synthesis – Arterial Movements
Sorry – Right Around The Clock
Faithful Johannes – Picking Fights
Benin City – Lord Of The Manor


There aren’t so many standalone reviews on here any more, as you may have noticed. Sometimes, however, you get wind of a track that simply doesn’t fit in with the radio show which goes out at 7pm on a Monday. That time slot can potentially throw up issues and however many parental guidance warnings one gives, we simply aren’t going to get away with Stop Being Dickheads To Each Other by Those Fucking Snowflakes.

This is the debut single by the Blackpool band who describe themselves as “shouting about some stuff that’s made them vexed.” Which is kind of a default status these days, the internal, eternal screaming at the sheer fucking bollocks of it all. The tracks is 165 seconds of primal screaming imploring us all to calm the fuck down and stop being dickheads. Moreover, it’s done with a post-hardcore strut and swagger and no little charm and you really should get it in your ears.

Stop Being Dickheads To Each Other is out now and you can get it off their bandcamp. Find Those Fucking Snowflakes on twitter

words by @johnnydobbo


Sounded like it was in mono for the first three tracks, then I found a loose connection. So apologies for variable sound quality.

Novanta – Outside Noise
Rush To Relax – Drugari
Squid – The Cleaner
Rose Elinor Dougall – Natural State
243 Ida (pictured) – High Rise
Faultress – Sanctuary
The Chap – Pea Shore
Lottery Winners – Hawaii
The Murder Capital – More Is Less
Hand & Leg – L.I.P
Allah-Las – In The Air
The Leaf Library – Hissing Waves
Paragon Cause – Save Me
Billy Nomates – No
L’Epée – On Dansait Avec Elle


Good evening

Feral Five – Ego
Guerilla Toss – Plants
Deux Furieuses – Year Of Rage
The Cold Spells – Leviathan
My Name Is Ian – Missing Again
Heavy Lungs – (A Bit Of A) Birthday
Petbrick – Coming feat. Laima Leyton
Honeycub – Waking Up
Toy – Mechanism
Caribou – Home
Prince Fatty – Get Ready feat. Big Youth and George Dekker
King Salami & The Cumberland 3 (pictured) – Bayou Fever
Uncle Buzzard – Big Cat
Andreas Kleerup – Lovers Table feat. Aluna George
Autarkic – Gewalt


New stuff from Nick Cave and a superb cover version on the agenda tonight

Cabinet Of Millionaires vs Zion Train – Stop The Coup (Pfeffel mix)
Cross Wires – How To Detox Smokers Lungs
Pet Crow – NOCD
The Death Of Pop – Last
Folwark – I’ll Teach The Fish
Tombstones In Their Eyes – Open Skies
John – Standard Haunting
Bambara – Serafina
Grade 2 – Graveyard Island
Repenter – Skeletons
Useless Cities – How To Feel
Right Hand Left Hand (pictured) – Chacabuco feat. Taliesyn Kallstrom
Jetstream Pony – Self-Destruct Reality
Big Thief – Forgotten Eyes
Nick Cave – Galleon Ship
The Autumn Stones – Duchess


More public transport woes meant I was in a rush and styled out the bugger-ups like the pro I aspire to be.

The New Art School – I’m So Beautiful
The Pull Of Autumn – Not Coming Down
Rev Rev Rev – 3 Not 3
Black Calavera – Cigarettes
7AM – Everytime
Gemini Rising – Speed Of Sound
Brudini – Pale Gold
Delta Sleep – Sofa Boy
Deathcrash – Bones
The Skints – Armageddon feat. Runkus
Benefits – Taking Us Back
BDRMM – Shame
Vile Assembly (pictured) – Propaganda
The Frixion – I Cannot Play These Games
Automatic – Too Much Money
Une – Boketto


Nearly didn’t happen tonight because trains, but we made it

Das Clamps – New Kind Of Fix
Faultress – Beating Heart (Ode To Oxytocin)
Suicide Generation – Prisoner Of Love
Solitude In Apathy – Dreaming In Silence
Malcolm Middleton – Scaffolding
Lee Scratch Perry (pictured) – Enlightened
Like A Villian – Daughters
Def Neon – Just Do It
Silent Forum – Spin
Diiv – Skin Game
Mark Morriss – All The Wrong People
Chastity Belt – Elena
Mikal Cronin – Shelter
Jungle Brown – We On feat. Sampa The Great
Faithful Johannes – Terminal Velocity
The Utopia Strong – Konta Chorus