New to us this week are Mrs Piss and their EP Self-Surgery which came out in May and TV Priest from London who we’ll definitely be keeping an ear out for in future. Mint have a track about our favourite sub-marathon length motorway. New stuff from the Skints is always welcome, as is Mush and Beach Riot, old chum DXIII, Johnno Casson alter-ego Walken400 and oh just give it a spin and find something you didn’t know you liked.

Plague Songs – Let’s All Go Dunkirking
Idles – Model Village
Dead Kennedys – Nazi Punks Fuck Off (ill.Gates x RIP Kenny remix)
Hurtsfall – Revelator
Kent Valley – Longing ft. Manon Poudat
Walken400 – Run Away And Join The Circus
Future Islands – Thrill
Beach Riot – Wrong Impression
Mrs Piss (pictured) – You Took Everything
TV Priest – This Island
Palm Reader – Hold/Release
Mint – M180
Mush – Dead Beat
Lence – Loved
The Skints – Love Is The Devil ft. Jesse Royal
DXIII – Proverb (Early Vocal mix)


Bit late to the latest Ghostpoet release, but it’s magnificent. Sault have been dominating the office turntable of late and while the track we feature here isn’t off the latest one – Untitled (Black Is) – still worth a spin. The new one is terrific too. New Working Men’s Club which sounds fab, Circe is new to us but that’s a great sound, similarly Gemma Dunleavy we are totally on board with, and we hope Chiedu Oraka goes places as we like the cut of his gib. Tuck in.

Ghostpoet – I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep
Gemma Dunleavy – Up De Flats
Sault – Why Why Why Why Why
Working Men’s Club – Valleys
Julian Shah-Tayler – Evolution ft. MGT
Vast Asteroid – Champagne Ambassadors
Kicked In The Teeth – Death Adventure
Sugar Fïtz – Skin Sparks
Palm Ghosts – Press Animals
The Hannah Barberas – W.Y.E.
c l y n – I Don’t Know You
Emily Breeze – Hey Kidz
Circe – Ten Girls
Blokeacola – Heavy Fruit
Chiedu Oraka (pictured) – Bianca
Dan Wainwright – Om Nama Shivaya (Rude Audio Fresh remix)


There’s a new LP from Eight Rounds Rapid in the offing. Be excited. We have another new track from them. Wesdaruler isn’t holding back as we head toward a general election in the US. That’s a killer track. Luke Wright finally has some poetry set to music. About time.
Oh, it’s all good. Dive in, give your ears a treat. Stay well.

Bull – Green
Pynch – Somebody Else
Tiña – Golden Rope
Wesdaruler (pictured) – Fuck Trump America
The Wolfhounds – …And Electric Music
Eight Rounds Rapid – Tricks
Kid Dad – What You Call A Dream
You Will Flood The River – Evil Frank Is Dead
Blue Stragglers – She
Cherry Pickles – Out Of This World
Oxymorrons – Justice
Pan Amsterdam – Carrot Cake
Luke Wright & Cobbler – Monster
Drew Five – The Meeting Place
Shit And Shine – Hillbilly Moonshine
Whirling Hall Of Knives – Those Tracers


We really like I Like Trains and another cut from their forthcoming and eagerly anticipated LP opens us up. Eight Rounds Rapid have been a bit quiet, but there’s a new one from them and they pick up just where they left off. Two of our favourite songwriters feature in Johny Nocash and Faithful Johannes, the latter with the feel good hit of the summer. So you’d probably best listen.

I Like Trains – A Steady Hand
The Velvet Hands – When This Is Over
Thee Dirty Rats – Bacterial Bop
Ben Wood & The Bad Ideas – Dig
Eight Rounds Rapid – Eating
Gaygirl – Killing It
Johny Nocash – The Art Of Positive Thinking
Beat Hotel – Feel It
Limón Limón – Frozen Lemonade
Scissorgun – Terminal Velocity
Shishi – Hush
Silverbacks – Muted Gold
Faithful Johannes – Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
Big Black Delta – Vessel
Isanna – 1998
Peakes – We’ll Talk


Remember the seminal Manchester band the Diagram Brothers? No, not many do. They were good though and in Leeds outfit Yard Act, there may just be a successor. We like em. John Foxx has a new one and sounding like a cross between Bowie and Gang Of Four can’t ever be a bad thing. Everything else here is good too, especially Metz, Goodtime John and Chrome. What you need to do, right, is listen to this then go buy all of it. Go on then.

bonemachine – Arclight
Yard Act (pictured) – Fixer Upper
John Foxx & The Maths – Howl
Sly & The Family Drone – My Torso Is A Shotgun
Metz – A Boat To Drown In
Ashley Sherlock – Been Here Before
Reaction – Illuminate
Muck & The Mires – Take Me Back To Planet Earth
Do Nothing – Comedy Gold
The Jayhawks – This Forgotten Town
Kidsmoke – Layla’s Love
Goodtime John – Hang On
Chrome – Go!
Løe – Once And For All
Fold – Aphelion ft. Mr Gee
Smoove & Turrell – Elgin Towers (Steve Cobby remix)


Lots of good new stuff at the moment for us to get stuck into. We open with another new one from Idles from their upcoming LP. From Brighton, LibraLibra are new to us, El Goodo not so much but they’re back with new stuff, as is LA Salami. The C33s bring Americana to Manchester and there are side projects from Eccentronic Research Council/Moonlandingz head honcho Adrian Flanagan in the guise of Adult Entertainment and parts of the mighty Meatraffle combining with Brixton street poet Beady Man. And we end on a call to arms from the Dub Pistols.

Idles – A Hymn
The Sea At Midnight – We Share The Same Stars
LibraLibra – Lonely Girl
The Blinders – Mule Track
Black Needle Noise – She Talks To Angels ft. John Fryer and Anjela Piccard
The C33s (pictured) – Harpurhey Hostility
Snow Coats – Poor Girl
El Goodo – The Grey Tower
LA Salami – Things Ain’t Changed
Culpho Dog Gymkhana – The Asteroid Fourteen
Goldroom & Moontower – Guess I’m Jaded
The Otherness – No Token
Adult Entertainment – Gurl On Gurl
Dialect – Come Up
Beady Man/Mysterion Zapien – AmeriKKKa
Dub Pistols ft. Rhoda Dakar – Stand Together


Last week, we said we’d have some non-remixed output from bdrmm, so that’s up for starters this time round. The Klittens are a band you must hear as are our pals £2 (or 2£, or Two Pound). Melt Yourself Down should be among the bands you look out for releasing new stuff – they are for us – and what d’you know? They’ve new stuff out. Still got some remix action to close us out and there’s loads of the usual goodness in the middle. Get on it.

bdrmm – Momo
Velvet Starlings – Karmic Lemonade
We Are Waves – Selva
Haneke Twins – Astronaut
The Klittens (pictured) – Bleeding Gums
The Lovely Eggs – Long Stem Carnations
£2 – Shower Beer
Tommy & The Commies – Hurtin’ 4 Certain
Home Counties – Dad Bod
Ättestor – Landlords
Oceaneers – Prince Of The Vagabond People
Broken Baby – Weatherman
The City Gates – Siegfried 1969 ft. Vlimmer and Francis Nothingwater
Melt Yourself Down – Boot And Spleen
Spectral – Zip Zap Zoom
Man Of Moon – Skin (The Big Light remix)


Highlights at the top and the bottom of the show today, with new Benefits opening up and ACR closing out. In between, BBXO are back, Hull outfit bdrmm are really good and have a cracking remix to share. We’ll play some of their more usual stuff in coming editions. French psycho-nutcases The Scaners have a new one and Enola Gay are going to be worth keeping an eye on. Reckon they’re going places.

Benefits – Shit Britain
Jaz Coleman & Ondrej Smeykal – On The Day The Earth Went Mad
Enola Gay – Birth Of A Nation
BBXO – Sabotage
Beach Riot – Wrong Impression
The Scaners – Mars Attacks
The Taboo Club – Debauched Times
Magic Seas – Again And The Fall
Flossed In Paradise – Off World
Blue Stragglers – All Mine
Pet Wife – B.L.U.E
LYR – Never Good With Horses
Corasandel – Cracked Light
NKOS – BOW (Brave Old World)
bdrmm – A Reason To Celebrate (Glok remix)
A Certain Ratio (pictured) – Always In Love


What we got this week then? Teleman’s Tommy Sanders has been up to stuff in lockdown, there’s Spanish Americana from Sin City, I Like Trains continue their fine run of form. The Novus are a new one to us and got in touch via this very website with their excellent new tune (use the contact page). Argh Kid are annoyed and it shows with their ska-punk banger. There’s one from Sports Team’s new LP, The Orielles go from strength to strength and we close with one from Kelly Lee Owens’ delayed new album.
Lots to go out, so chow down.

The Creature Comfort – Cool Spot
Flight Attendant – Man Of Chaos
I Like Trains – Dig In
The Novus – Man On The Bridge
Doomshakalaka – This Is War (And I’m So Bored)
The Orielles – 7th Dimension Goo
Argh Kid – Dickhead DNA
Sports Team – Long Hot Summer
Tom Sanders – Baby All You’ve Got
Sin City – High Noon
Even As We Speak – Unknown
BOrder – Double Rainbow
Braids – Snow Angel
AXZS – Orii
Simeon Smith – Airplane Mode
Kelly Lee Owens (pictured) – On


If Bristol wants to replace that Colston statue that was chucked in the harbour, they’d do worse to replace him with Tricky. We have his new single this week alongside lots of the usual stuff. Wire, Idles and Fold you should be familiar with. Paul Hartnoll too, and he’s teamed up with Murray Lachlan Young on a new record, proceeds of which are going to NHS charities. Band Of Jays are local to us and make some lovely goodness. Ah, just dig in and enjoy. And buy some music from these excellent people.

The Spitfires – Life Worth Living
Fluvster – Humbugger
Bob Vylan – We Live Here
Idles – Grounds
Lucigenic – Playtime
Wire – Small Black Reptile
Michael CG – When Do I Start Smiling?
Band Of Jays (pictured) – Dragon
I, Doris – Wonderwoman
Hartnoll & Young – I’m Going Shopping
Okiro – Newse
Pauline Murray – Secrets
Fold – Insurgent Mood
Tricky – Please Fall ft. Marta
Carw – Gorwel
Moscoman – Eyes Wide Strut ft. Wooze (Tunnelvisions remix)


Anger still simmering, we open with Benin City from their LP due out at the end of the year and ADF from earlier on. Elsewhere, cover versions dominate. We have three tracks in the occasional compilation of the week segment which this time is Corona Underground – lots of bands covering Velvet Underground tracks – and there’s one from Ty Segall’s cover album of Harry Nilsson’s Nilsson Schmilsson which is free and well worth your time. New stuff from Swine Tax, Fontaines DC, Team Picture, the brilliant Billy Nomates and an absolute banger from Means Of Production. And we end with Jarvis channeling his inner Leonard Cohen because why not.

Benin City – Hostiles ft. Eklipse
Asian Dub Foundation – Swarm
Billy Nomates – FNP
Fontaines DC – I Don’t Belong
Other Half – Trance State
Compilation of the week:
– Bete Pest – All Tomorrow’s Parties
– The Hepburns – What Goes On
Check Masses – Lost In The City
SickOnes – Agility
Swine Tax – Screensaver
Soft Set – Never Die
Compilation of the week:
– Adwaith – Femme Fatale
Means Of Production – Named Storms
Team Picture – Handsome Machine
Ty Segall – Gotta Get Up
Jarv Is – Save The Whale