Ow do

Grey Hairs – Ghost In Your Own Life
Polarized Eyes – Zombies
Right Hand Left Hand – Prora
Ride – Repetition
The New Art School – Mod Kid
The Futureheads – Good Night Out
False Advertising – Influenza
Black Doldrums – Mae’s Desire
Dantevilles – Confession
Humanist (pictured) – English Ghosts feat. John Robb
Idles – Colossus (Tricky remix)
Carter Tutti Void – t3.5
!!! – Couldn’t Have Known
Benjamin Mason – Horsebite feat. Chloe Laing
Anni Hogan – Thunderstruck

Back next week


New stuff from old acts is the theme this week.

The Wedding Present – Panama
North America – My Baby’s No-one’s Girl
Sebastian Straw – My Friend
Richard Dawson – Jogging
Johnny Marr (pictured) – The Bright Parade
Iggy Pop – James Bond
Longtooth & Wasterman – Flat Earth Toby
Vinny Peculiar – Pop Music For Ugly People
Girl Band – Going Norway
The Murder Capital – Don’t Cling To Life
Alan Jenkins – Emile Zola
Moodymann – I’ll Provide
Tom Misch – Crazy Dream feat. Loyle Carner
Jungle Brown – Ikoja feat. Eldé & Ka(ra)mi
Gaby Hernandez – Open Up
Anna Meredith – Paramour

Bank holiday next week, so we’re taking the night off. Back in a fortnight. In the meantime, be good to each and be less Morrissey, be more Johnny Marr.



Rev Rev Rev – One Illusion Is Very Much Like Another
David J with Asia Argento and Anton Newcombe – Migena & The Frozen Roses
Dry Cleaning – Magic Of Meghan
Scratch Match – Done Here
No/Trauma – Six Foot Flawless
Deadwax – Heavy Temptation
51st State – Beasts N Slaves
Domiciles – Sinking Sun
The Howl & The Hum (pictured) – Human Contact
Def Robot – Frankly
Pixies – Catfish Kate
Roxy Girls – Spanners For Hands
Debby Friday – Fatal
The Irony Board – Bus Stop Bravado
Papur Wal – O’n Ni’n Ffrindia
Steve Ignorant’s Slice Of Life – S.A.D

Back next week as we continue the search for your next favourite band.


Evenin’ all.

Liz Lawrence – Navigator
Lazy Day – Double J
Hunting – Gold Day
Brudini – Emotional Outlaw
CTMF (pictured) – Journey To The End Of The Night
Swine Tax – Grand Prix
Pottery – The Craft
Sœur – Do What I Want
Teeff – The Milkman
Spectres – Sooky Eyeball
Membranes – Black Is The Colour
The Rhythm Method – Continental Breakfast
Equinox – Janine feat. Razorrawks
The Young Gods – Figure Sans Nom

Not in next week – bumped for live football – so back in a fortnight.


A day late and it all seemed a bit quiet going through the desk. Anyway, tuck in.

Petbrick – Horse
The Primals – Hello Cruel World
The Goa Express – The Day
The Total Rejection – Shook Up!
Edwyn Collins – I Guess We Were Young
Vivian Girls – Sick
Slowness – Sand & Stone
The Pop Group – She Is Beyond Good & Evil
Cassels – Queue At The Chemists
Tiny Fighter – Where Are You Now?
Hammered Hulls – Written Words
Working Men’s Club (pictured) – Teeth
Khruangbin – Hasta El Cielo (Con Todo El Mundo in dub)
BBC – Quality Weed
Boca 45 – Soul On Love feat. Louis Baker
John Paul – Nuts

Back next week. See thee.


A few tracks from Melbourne bands this week, for no apparent reason. Let’s crack on.

Bollard – On & On
Bvrth – Oblivian
Jamie Lenman – She Bop!
Fews – Quiet
Frauds – Putin’s Day Off
Press Club – Thinking About You
Dream Nails – Vagina Police
Amyl & The Sniffers (pictured) – Some Mutts (Can’t Be Muzzled)
Les Bof! – Jezebel
Neutrals – Hate The Summer Of Love
The Claim – Journey
Ipkiss – Pack It Up
Meatraffle – The Day The Earth Stood Still
Ellis May – The Distance
La Forme – Rib
Sir Robert Orange Peel – The Bogs

Off next week. Back in a fortnight.


Closing out tonight’s show with a couple of stone-cold bangers. Glow sticks on standby.

Cowboy Flying Saucer – Theme From Cowboy Flying Saucer
Macroscope – Drop Dead, Gorgeous
Bad Breeding – Whose Cause
The Pagans S.O.H – Pagan Pilgrimage
Richard James Simpson – Job
Sandmoon – Fiery Observation
Murray A Lightburn – Changed My Ways
Helen McCookerybook (pictured) – 21st Century Blues
Nature Of Wires – Every Single Sun
Luna – The Oort Cloud/Kuiper Belt
Rude Audio – Don’t Follow Me
NKOS – Little Miss Numb
Klaus Blatter – (I Find Myself Surrounded By) The Lunatics Of Acid House
Roy Of The Ravers – 1999

Next week? Go on then.


Bum. The recording of this episode failed. Instead, I’ve mangled the tracks together in some sort of playlist form, but you don’t get me wittering between the tracks. You may prefer that. If so, keep it to yourself.
So while you do miss those nuggets of information about how stupidly talented Samh is and where his EP launch is or how stunningly retro that Paranoid London track is, but you all know how to use a search engine, so do some bloody work yourself, yeah?

Samh – We Are Not Physical
The Eyelids – You Make Me A Zombie
Para Lia – Hawk Hill
High Hazels – Slow Dancers
Supermarket Police – Dickhead Express
The Wedding Present (pictured) – Jump In, The Water’s Fine
Fontaines D.C – Sha Sha Sha
Gang Of Four – Ivanka: My Name’s On It
East Of My Youth – By Blue
Pearl City – Taste Me
Von Spar – Extend The Song (feat. Laetitia Sadier)
Humanist – Ring Of Truth (feat. Carl Hancox Rux)
808 State – Tokyo Tokyo
Paranoid London – (Vi-Vi) Vicious Games (feat. Josh Caffe)
Plaid – Dancers

Hopefully normal service resumed in a week


Got the timing bang on this week, for the first time in living memory.

Alex Tune – Forecast Rain
Yip Man – Suffer More
The St Pierre Snake Invasion – Braindead
Pixies – On Graveyard Hill
We Melt Chocolate – Everjoy
Lupers – Lorena Bobbitt
Star Rover – Here We Go Again
Peak – Blind Eye
The Yawpers – Child Of Mercy
The Scaners – Please Abduct Me
Plastic Mermaids – Taxonomy
Nick Ellis – Blue Summer
Black Dresses – Wiggle 2019
Odd Nosdam (pictured) – Mirrors II

Having a well-earned holiday next week. Back in a fortnight.


What ho

Michael O’Neill – One Rule
Arrest! Charlie Tipper – Freedom Of Speech
Christian Fitness – Real Tennis
Skinnyboy Tunes – Had Too Much To Think
Rude Audio – Repeat Offender
La Forme – The Same Moon
Red Telephone – Day Off
Junky Love – Nowhere To Go
John MOuse – There’s A Hole In My Heart (An Area The Size Of Wales)
Klammer (pictured) – Being Boiled
Roxy Girls – Trials & Tribulations
Sweet Benfica – Blood Vibrations
Personal Trainer – The Lazer
The Woods – Night Silk Thread
Where We Sleep – Into The Light
ZoZo – Yahoo Man

More next week? You want more?? OK then, you’ve talked me into it.


Good evening

Akiva – Broken Ship
Imperial Wax – The Art Of Projection
Squiggles – Bend Becomes Break
Pinch Points – Spelt Out
Metz – Pure Auto
John (pictured) – Future Thinker
ZoZo – Xxtra Slim
Uranium Club – Flashback Arrestor
Drahla – Gilded Cloud
Black Flies – Kaleidoscope
Knuckle – Oh Mother
The Illicits – In What World
Talkboy – Wasting Time
Pylon Reenactment Society – Messenger
The Comet Is Coming – Summon The Fire
Steve Cobby – Scattered To The Four Winds

Another (!) bank holiday next week, so another week off. See you in a fortnight.