A cracking selection this week, of I do say so myself.

RMFC – The Clue
The Limboos – Where Did She Go?
The Anomalys – Trooper
Snakeskin Shoe Review – 1979
Vile Assembly – Last Century Man
Slowness – Rose
The Dirty Contacts – When You Stop Loving Me
Money For Rope – Earl Grey
208L Containers – Feral Cats In The Tasmanian North-East
Beauty Stab – O Eden
Keepers At Noon – I Want To Be Your Robot
The Proper Ornaments – Please Release Me
Zeit! – De Noche Beirut
Fold – Living On A Knife Edge feat. Mr Gee
Istanbul Hippodrome – Dreamland
Psymbionic – Bionic Chronic (pictured)

That last track though. Ooft.
More of this sort of thing next time.



The return of the featured album.

City Miles – Thirty Degrees
Display Homes – Block
Knuckle – Life Is Hard When You’re Soft Inside
Featured album: John MOuse – The Fen Sessions
John MOuse – #1
John MOuse – #3
Desert Ships – Ignite Me
Art D’Ecco – Nobody’s Home
Telekinesis – Set A Course
Star Rover – What Can I Say?
USA Nails – Smile
Featured album: John MOuse – The Fen Sessions
John MOuse – #10 (pictured)
Death Hags – Electrochemical Communication
Deer – Biting A Spectrum
Hezen – Bring Your Alibi
Mayshe-Mayshe – You Throw Lemons, We Throw Parties
Lexytron – Brand New

And I think we’ll try that again in a week.


Another week and a lot to pack in, including a 9-minute slice of Russian doom-rock and a track from Mark E Smith’s last band.

Bromide – Magic Coins
Kroşe – Pistol
Karelia’s Discord – Red Romance
Tiny Fighter – Tell Me
Jars – E
Imperial Wax – No Man’s Land (pictured)
Koncepcja – Okręt Pośród Fal
Johnny Marr – Armatopia
Weird Omen – A Place I Want To Know
Yuksek – I Don’t Have A Drum Machine
Uniforms – Polara
Slowthai – Doorman
Silent Servant – Damage
Sextile – Disco
Marie Davidson – Work It

Enjoyed that. Next week, yeah? Sweet.


Monday. You know the drill by now.

Otoboke Beaver – What Do You Mean You Have To Talk To Me At This Late Date?
Cherry Pickles – Elvis Exorcist
Las Grietas – Leonia
unperfect – Gots To Get The Girl
Claude Fontaine – Cry For Another (pictured)
The Specials – Ten Commandments feat. Saffiyah Khan
Mira Calix – Rightclick
Allara – Wala Is Life
DJ Yoda – Afrika feat. The Jungle Brothers
Fold – Stronger Than The Evils feat. Motormouf
Soundwire – Dying Sun
Auld – Alilless
Ernest Moon – Satdeenight Ready
Raketkanon – Ricky
Heckel & Jeckel – I Crush You Under My Shoes
Herr Karl – Vox Humana

Busy next week? No? See you back here then.


Another week, another dollar. Here’s this week’s selection.

Gaygirl – Sick Note (pictured)
Babyteeth – Coccoon
Ex Hex – Tough Enough
Nicola Cruz – Siku
Treeboy & Arc – Plastic Front
Jebiotto – Get Down
The Crystal Furs – Pseudosweet
Du Blonde – Angel
Kate Dove Dixon – Bathrooms
Rose Elinor Dougall – Make It With You
Feed Me – Feel Love feat. Rosie Doonan
Kamaal Williams – Snitches Brew feat. Mansur Brown
Boobs Of Doom – Vámr
Psychoplasmics – Berlin Nights
King Midas Sound – You Disappear

And we’ll do it again next week.


In which John battles with recalcitrant technology.

Incisions – War In Your Head
Land Sharks – Dancing With Fire
Swine Tax – Hold Your Own
Drenge – Never See The Signs
Star Rover – Annemarie
Party Fears – Sun King II
Lou Doillon – Burn (pictured)
BPF – The Great Motivator
Bilge Pump – Wheel Of Yew
Man Of Moon – Ride The Waves
We Are Troubadour – Stacey
UNKLE – The Other Side feat. Tom Smith
Jaffro – Mwy Mewn Meddwl
Sir Robert Orange Peel – Turn That Bloody Racket Down
Little Albert – Vege Milkshake
The Night Programme – Badly Drawn Country

And we’ll do it all again in a week, shall we?


A week off and back to it now with some atrocious Welsh pronunciations, for which apologies.

Therapy? – Kakistocracy (pictured)
Crows – Chain Of Being
Sean Taylor – This Is England
Jah Wobble & Keith Levene – A Very British Coup feat. Mark Stewart
Working Men’s Club – Bad Blood
Gang Of Four – Paper Thin
Flamingods – Marigold
The Skints – Learning To Swim
Elson – Silent Observer
Dan Amor – Addo Glaw
Los Blancos – Cadw Fi Lan
International Teachers Of Pop – The Ballad Of Remedy Nilsson
Mat Riviere – Clouds
Eli Hermit & Sorti3 – Messy
Noemi Caro – Don’t
rift|fault – Variation 01

That’ll do for this week. Back in seven days.


Back once again. Open up your ears.

Red Eye – Get Up And Fight
Slovenians – I’m Not Batman
Sweet Benfica – Church Of The Scared
Kælan Mikla – Ástarljóð
Mary Bell – I Used To Be Kind To People In Crowds, But It Gave Me Murderous Tendencies
Swine Tax – Conversation
iamarocketship – Face Off
Ex Hex – Cosmic Cave
The Limiñanas – Mirror #1 feat. Kirk Lake (pictured)
The Wave Pictures – Shelly
Rustin Man – Vanishing Heart
The Cowls – Time Is On My Nerves
Fat White Family – Feet
Sleaford Mods – Kebab Spider
Kid Kin – Jarmo
Carry The Martyr – 0001
Jay Glass Dubs – Animal Estate feat. Yorgia Karidi

Off next week – off to see The Wave Pictures as it happens – so back in a fortnight.


First time for 2019, catching up on stuff from the back end of last year and throwing forward to stuff yet to come. New year, same sort of thing – you know the drill by now.

Cabinet Of Millionaires – Theresa
Unangelic Voices – My World
Pas Musique – A Finnish Bedtime Story
Unloved – Love
Cheerbleederz – Staying Up Late
Heavy Drapes – Maladjusted
Piskie Sits – Just Don’t See It
The Bounders – Gotta Get Through
The St Pierre Snake Invasion – Remystery (pictured)
Whirling Hall Of Knives – Non Throt
Sleaford Mods – Flipside
Fat Cops – Hands Up! Get Down!
Jah Gumby – Thirsters Trodding
Qujaku – Keiren
Phonseca – Wait For Me
Laura Cantrell – AWM Bless


New Years Eve. Lists. Not going to bore you too much with this, but these are the long players that have occupied the office turntables the most this year. They aren’t in any order, but it’s the one from Idles that’s been on there the most. It’s a cracking piece of work. Angry, visceral, compassionate – a clever trick.
But the rest are more than worth your time as well.


Flux Capacitors – Courtesan
Shame – Songs Of Praise
Awolnation – Here Come The Runts
Cloacas – Straight Up Ya Clacka
Lana del Rabies – Shadow World
Epic Beard Men – Season 1
Olden Yolk
Cavern Of Anti-Matter – Hormone Lemonade
Mark Pritchard – The Four Worlds
Christian Fitness – Nuance: The Musical
Half Man Half Biscuit – No-One Cares About Your Creative Hub So Get Your Fuckin’ Hedge Cut
Idles – Joy As An Act Of Resistance
Sauna Youth – Deaths
Teleman – Family Of Aliens
Menace Beach – Black Rainbow Sound
Thee Oh Sees – Smote Reverser
Vukovar – Monument
Eli Hermit – Half Truth
Chester P – The Post Apocalyptic Story Teller
The Last Skeptik – Under The Patio
The Lucid Dream – Actualisation
The Immediate – More Sheep Than Human
Tarkamt – Live At The Necropolis
Kamaal Williams – The Return
Jon Metcalfe – Absence

And one reissue:
Skull Snaps

There have been loads of others that crossed our decks as well, but this is the cream of a great crop.
Looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings already.


Ho ho ho, etc. Today’s show is sponsored by #bagofcans

Khruangbin – Christmas Time Is Here
MJ Hibbett & The Validators – Last Christmas (In The EU)
Oh! Gunquit – High On Christmas
Brad Bru & The Crowd Goes Wild – Joy (Christmas With Mr Waits)
The Wave Pictures – We Dress Up Like Snowmen
The Fall – Xmas With Simon
Feral Five – I Want U
The Parasite – Wooden Huts
Pop Morrison – Christmas Song feat. Sam Semple
Gurr – Christmas Holiday feat. Eddie Argos
Bubble & Squeak – The Christmas Stick
Fightmilk – This Is Our Christmas
Aidan Moffatt & RM Hubbert – A Ghost Story For Christmas
Sir Robert Orange Peel – Evel Christmas
John MOuse – When A Child Is Born (pictured)
Half Man Half Biscuit – All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit

And that’s us until next year. We’ll be back on January 7. Merry Christmas.