Highlights at the top and the bottom of the show today, with new Benefits opening up and ACR closing out. In between, BBXO are back, Hull outfit bdrmm are really good and have a cracking remix to share. We’ll play some of their more usual stuff in coming editions. French psycho-nutcases The Scaners have a new one and Enola Gay are going to be worth keeping an eye on. Reckon they’re going places.

Benefits – Shit Britain
Jaz Coleman & Ondrej Smeykal – On The Day The Earth Went Mad
Enola Gay – Birth Of A Nation
BBXO – Sabotage
Beach Riot – Wrong Impression
The Scaners – Mars Attacks
The Taboo Club – Debauched Times
Magic Seas – Again And The Fall
Flossed In Paradise – Off World
Blue Stragglers – All Mine
Pet Wife – B.L.U.E
LYR – Never Good With Horses
Corasandel – Cracked Light
NKOS – BOW (Brave Old World)
bdrmm – A Reason To Celebrate (Glok remix)
A Certain Ratio (pictured) – Always In Love


What we got this week then? Teleman’s Tommy Sanders has been up to stuff in lockdown, there’s Spanish Americana from Sin City, I Like Trains continue their fine run of form. The Novus are a new one to us and got in touch via this very website with their excellent new tune (use the contact page). Argh Kid are annoyed and it shows with their ska-punk banger. There’s one from Sports Team’s new LP, The Orielles go from strength to strength and we close with one from Kelly Lee Owens’ delayed new album.
Lots to go out, so chow down.

The Creature Comfort – Cool Spot
Flight Attendant – Man Of Chaos
I Like Trains – Dig In
The Novus – Man On The Bridge
Doomshakalaka – This Is War (And I’m So Bored)
The Orielles – 7th Dimension Goo
Argh Kid – Dickhead DNA
Sports Team – Long Hot Summer
Tom Sanders – Baby All You’ve Got
Sin City – High Noon
Even As We Speak – Unknown
BOrder – Double Rainbow
Braids – Snow Angel
AXZS – Orii
Simeon Smith – Airplane Mode
Kelly Lee Owens (pictured) – On


If Bristol wants to replace that Colston statue that was chucked in the harbour, they’d do worse to replace him with Tricky. We have his new single this week alongside lots of the usual stuff. Wire, Idles and Fold you should be familiar with. Paul Hartnoll too, and he’s teamed up with Murray Lachlan Young on a new record, proceeds of which are going to NHS charities. Band Of Jays are local to us and make some lovely goodness. Ah, just dig in and enjoy. And buy some music from these excellent people.

The Spitfires – Life Worth Living
Fluvster – Humbugger
Bob Vylan – We Live Here
Idles – Grounds
Lucigenic – Playtime
Wire – Small Black Reptile
Michael CG – When Do I Start Smiling?
Band Of Jays (pictured) – Dragon
I, Doris – Wonderwoman
Hartnoll & Young – I’m Going Shopping
Okiro – Newse
Pauline Murray – Secrets
Fold – Insurgent Mood
Tricky – Please Fall ft. Marta
Carw – Gorwel
Moscoman – Eyes Wide Strut ft. Wooze (Tunnelvisions remix)


Anger still simmering, we open with Benin City from their LP due out at the end of the year and ADF from earlier on. Elsewhere, cover versions dominate. We have three tracks in the occasional compilation of the week segment which this time is Corona Underground – lots of bands covering Velvet Underground tracks – and there’s one from Ty Segall’s cover album of Harry Nilsson’s Nilsson Schmilsson which is free and well worth your time. New stuff from Swine Tax, Fontaines DC, Team Picture, the brilliant Billy Nomates and an absolute banger from Means Of Production. And we end with Jarvis channeling his inner Leonard Cohen because why not.

Benin City – Hostiles ft. Eklipse
Asian Dub Foundation – Swarm
Billy Nomates – FNP
Fontaines DC – I Don’t Belong
Other Half – Trance State
Compilation of the week:
– Bete Pest – All Tomorrow’s Parties
– The Hepburns – What Goes On
Check Masses – Lost In The City
SickOnes – Agility
Swine Tax – Screensaver
Soft Set – Never Die
Compilation of the week:
– Adwaith – Femme Fatale
Means Of Production – Named Storms
Team Picture – Handsome Machine
Ty Segall – Gotta Get Up
Jarv Is – Save The Whale


What to do, what to do? I considered shutting the frig up for a week while more important voices were heard. I considered a celebration of black music, but worried about how that might come across. Besides, more qualified people have put together such things. Instead, I’ve done the usual – a show you’d expect with some topical nods, starting with Woody Guthrie and Public Enemy and ending with the Dead Kennedys.
In between, there’s a new track from Gang Of Four recorded before Andy Gill’s sad death and new ones from A Certain Ratio and Elvis Costello among the newer bands. Lockdown stuff is almost becoming a genre in itself and Table Scraps and Dion Lunadon & Kate Clover have their say and there’s all sorts of other stuff for your enjoyment. If nothing else, I hope it’s a distraction from an increasingly exhausting world.

Woody Guthrie – All You Fascists Are Bound To Lose
Public Enemy – 911 Is A Joke
Saul Williams – Fight Everything
Gang Of Four – Forever Starts Now
Knash – Sexist
Lice – Arbiter
The Wind-up Birds – The Yoke
Elvis Costello – No Flag
Dealing With Damage – Making Plans For Misery
Dion Lunadon & Kate Clover – When Will I Hold You Again?
Table Scraps – I Wanna Stay Home With U
Bokito – okok
TWOFVCE – Escher
Satellite Mode – Kill The Choreography
A Certain Ratio – Friends Around Us (pt 2)
Psymbionic – Bonkers
Everything After Midnight – Home & All The Spaces In Between
Donnie Cosmonaut (Adam Walton) – Theme For Lockdown
Dead Kennedys – Nazi Punks Fuck Off

Black Lives Matter. And if you don’t believe that, fuck off.


It’s a long one this week with a lot of parental advisory. We open with a cracker from Slum Of Legs, there’s more from Those Fucking Snowflakes and Bo Ningen off their upcoming releases. Mr Oizo is still a thing, there’s a banger from Chicken Lips, our old chum Johny Nocash is back with another EP and there are new ones from Ditz and The Elephant Trees to get stuck into. And we close with an old one from Fold, off their self-titled debut LP. The Malcolm X quote “I ain’t a diner until you let me dine” has been running round my head all week as a result of events in Minneapolis.

Slum Of Legs – Benetint & Malevolence
Dead Sheeran – The Fonz
Handle – Punctured Time
Nest Egg – DB Cooper
Paper Fishes – Orange Paint
Secret Sight – There Must Be A Way
Salem Trials – Head On Rong
Those Fucking Snowflakes – Tangerine Pirate Of The NHS
Johny Nocash – Buck-toothed Reasons
Prince Fatty Presents Shniece McMenamin – Take Me As I Am ft. Horseman
Bo Ningen – Minimal ft. Bobby Gillespie
Ditz – Role Model
The Elephant Trees – Survival
2Square and Mark Gardener – Chained
Mr Oizo (pictured) feat. Romeo Elvis – Pharmacist
Chicken Lips – Goldenlips
Fold – Detroit Red


This week, new stuff from Idles, Fews, 808 State (a charity record no less, so go buy it), John Vanderslice. One each off new EPs from the Swine Tax and Those Fucking Snowflakes (we had a preview of that one and it’s super. More next time). Bit more experimental stuff from Sans and Bo Ningen. Something for everybody, basically.

Sei Still – El Camino
The Lounge Society – Generation Game
Lucy & The Rats – September
Lazaris Pit – You Don’t Tag Me In Memes Any More
Those Fucking Snowflakes (pictured) – Meat Is Murder But Morrissey’s A Dickhead
Swine Tax – Browsing
Bloods – Girls Are Just Fucking Cool Like That
Fews – Heaven
Idles – Mr Motivator
Sans – Aztec Drip
Bo Ningen – Zankoku
We Melt Chocolate – Blue Haired Girl
James Mercer – Over My Shoulder
John Vanderslice – xxxx
Karate Boogaloo – The Lawsuit
808 State – Where, Wye & Severn


We kick things off this week with our friend Damjan Manevski from Ljubljana and his side-project Lelee and end with our other friends Fold and their new single. In between, there’s new stuff from the excellent Bert Brett, StocksNSkins who you really need to hear, new stuff from Badly Drawn Boy who we’ve not heard anything from in years, another one from John MOuse’s ongoing lockdown project which keeps being excellent and a whole load of other stuff that’s been twitching our ears this week.
After putting this all together, it turns out it’s a bit of a sausage-fest. It was absolutely not deliberate – we’re not Radio X.

Lelee – FU2
Twin Stranger – Crushed
Wolfhounds – Can’t See the Light
Vision Video – Inked In Red
Howie Payne – Into Daylight
Richard’s Orchestra – Amazing Sunrise
The Dears – I Know What You’re Thinking And It’s Awful
Baybs – Would You Dare
Bert Brett – Pressure in This Town
Post-Skeleton – The Loudest
Badly Drawn Boy – Banana Skin Shoes
Stocksnskins – Bang It Down
John MOuse – Use Neutral Tones To Accent Eyes
Le Junk – Rich Romance
HORSES – Wrth Y Llyw
Fold (pictured) – The Prize


New Fontaines DC! New Murder Capital! New Benefits! New I Like Trains, Horsemeat, Psymbionic, Ty Segall, Ishani, Black Needle Noise and so on and so on. So much good new stuff about right now that you should probably try to buy out of your supplemented furlough money.
And we end by marking the sad death of Kraftwerk founder Florian Schneider (pictured) with a 2015 track from Katsen and one of our favourite Kraftwerk records.

Fontaines DC – A Hero’s Death
The Murder Capital – Cellophane
I Like Trains – The Truth
Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin – Pop Song
Los Mundos – Alas De Murcielago
Benefits – Imperfect
The Shipbuilders – Flagpole
Horsemeat – Queue Jumper
Ancient River – So Long Ago
Columbia Mills – You’re Not The Answer
Roxy Girls – Dirtier
Ishani – Unkind Vibrations ft. Steezo
Black Needle Noise – Seed Of Evil
Sleaford Mods – Second
Psymbionic & Zebbler Encanti Experience – Concept/Object
Katsen – Florian
Kraftwerk – Der Mensch Maschine


Treat of the week this week is a track from Vukovar. The end of the old band and the start of the new is marked with the compilation LP Exhumation: The First Death Of Vukovar (2014-2019), out now on Wormhole World. Bloody great band, loved them from the get-go and looking forward to seeing what comes next.
What else we got? Steve Cobby’s output continues to be prolific and he has a new LP out – something a bit more laid back – called Nostalgia Intensa. I’d go get that if I were you. There’s a free download from Sir Robert Orange Peel, a debut solo track from ex-The Kills and The Dead Weather singer Alison Mosshart, a belting new LP – Drugs – from Sugar Horse, a first release in 12 years from Einst├╝rzende Neubauten and a Smiths cover from Argentinian band Fun People from a couple of years ago. And there’s plenty else beside too.

Polarized Eyes – Inferno
Cheerbleederz – Sometimes I Cry At Work
WACO – Good Days
Sugar Horse – Pity Party
Vukovar – Cement & Cerement
Alison Mosshart (pictured) – Rise
Fun People – Reel Around The Fountain
Hushtones – The Birds Are Coming
Stuart Moxham & Louis Philippe – Tidy Away
Alex Henry Foster – Shadows Of Our Evening Tides
Einst├╝rzende Neubauten – Ten Grand Goldie
Sir Robert Orange Peel – Are You Mod Enough?
New Brand – Insect
Steve Cobby – Here, Hold My Mind
Mint Royale – Animal
Emperor X – Stay Where You Are


Still locked down, still trying to find things to do. Like this. You know the drill by now. Stuff from Denmark, Ukraine, France, Wales and as far away as Leeds and Grimsby among other things. And one from the new Nightingales album, one of which is always a treat.
Do have a good think about buying some of this. Support your independent musicians.

Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats – Track 01
Mint – Turbulence
Surreal Kinnock – Tribal Fusion
The Nightingales (pictured) – Everything, Everywhere, All Of The Time
John MOuse – Kerplunk Sticks
Harkin – Mist On Glass
C.A.R – Sore Loser
Easy – Crystal Waves
Orwell – Jamais Assez ft. Armelle Pioline
Less Win – The Hanging
Tinfoils – Spitting
Team Picture – Baby Rattlesnake
Talkboy – Feel Again
Jehnny Beth – Innocence
Roger Robinson – Forward
6th Crowd – You’re Not An Island