You need to get on Sister Wives. Best thing we’ve heard this year so far, even if it came out last year. You know what we mean. Anyway, other things you need to hear are all here. Du Blonde, King Gizzard, Billy Nomates, Squid… Look, it’s all good. Listen. Remember. Buy.

The Cavemen – Am I A Monster?
Idles – Carcinogenic
Du Blonde – Medicated
Chicken Snake – Chicken Shit
Muck & The Mires – I’m Your Man
Goat Girl – The Crack
Lola Wild – Sand
Sister Wives (pictured) – Wandering Along/Rwy’n Crwydro
Lauren Moon – Edge Of The Moon
Billy Nomates – Heel
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – O.N.E
Bear Of Bombay – Something Stranger
Venus Furs – New Inspiration
Squid – Narrator
Teenage Fanclub – More Inclined
Leddie MC ft. Eve Conway – They Don’t Make ‘Em Like You


Having cleared up the backlog from the festive period, it’s back to normal this week, i.e. new stuff all the way. Rum Lad opens us up with a non-too-subtle appraisal of our current overlords that’s pretty hard to argue with. Yard Act have a new one and is equally as good as all their other releases to date. We like them. There’s a track off the new Virginia Wing LP, and cracking remix of Fontaines DC from Soulwax, one off the new Bicep LP, something a bit weirder from Stony Sugarskull and that Nerve Quakes one is great.

Rum Lad – Tory Boy
The Shop Window – Out Of Reach
Davey Woodward & The Winter Orphans – Bad Day
Bradford – My Wet Face
Blood Wizard – Carcrash
Deep Vally – Look Away
Sugar Fitz – You Should Have Seen His Apartment
Yard Act – Dark Days
Umbrella Assassins – Hilarious Precarious
Virginia Wing – I’m Holding Out For Something
Syvdoh – Bullet Tongue
Stony Sugarskull – Turtles
Nerve Quakes (pictured) – Dive Wreck
Fontaines DC – A Hero’s Death (Soulwax remix)
Blank & Jones with Rachel Lloyd – Take Me Back
Bicep – Rever feat. Julia Kent


Two LPs out last week that are on constant rotation – Spare Ribs from Sleaford Mods and Drunk Tank Pink by Shame. The latest singles off those kick us off this week. Elsewhere, we have Brazilian post-punk from Herzegovina, some very Monks-esque stuff from NASDAQ, a new one from Gary Numan which we like a lot, our favourites Nervous Twitch with another track from the forthcoming LP, new ones from Mush and Home Counties – the latter sounding quite like the Diagram Brothers, and a stunner from Murderers. Closing us off is a stunning cover of a massive Massive Attack record from Def Neon.

Sleaford Mods – Nudge It feat. Amy Taylor
Shame – Human, For A Minute
DEW – endstation eskalation
Heckel & Jeckel – This Is War
Idles – Reigns
Herzegovina – Emergency
NASDAQ – Profit Margin
Nervous Twitch (pictured) – Alright Lads
Swansea Sound – I Sold My Soul On Ebay
Home Counties – Modern Yuppies
Mush – Seven Trumpets
Julia Bardo – It’s Okay (To Not Be Okay)
Murderers – Sleep
Gary Numan – Intruder
Metasota – Situations
Blaktrix – Square One
International Teachers Of Pop – Flood The Club
Night Giants – Twist & Drop (Paper Street Soul remix)
Benin City – Hold Them Close
Def Neon – Teardrop


Couple of weeks off, but back with an extended episode as we clear up the end of last year and grab some new stuff off the shelf. We didn’t know Ozric Tentacles could sound like that, Divide & Dissolve are absolutely essential now, there’s a new EP from Those Fucking Snowflakes. The Spray track is our pick for a new national anthem.
Still loads in the backlog, so probably more of the same next week while we get back to something like normal service.

Ozric Tentacles – Stripey Clouds
Divide & Dissolve (pictured) – Prove It
Cower – Proto-Lion Tamer
Those Fucking Snowflakes – By The Power Of Barnard Castle
Indica Blues – We Are Doomed
Horsemeat – Jibber Jabber
Milford Place – Chemistry
No Deal Disco – Nationalism Is A Gateway Drug
Dragged Up – Neighbourhood Watch
Ishani – Perfect Life
Steve Cobby feat. Emma Fee – Captivated
Novyi Lef – Part Of The Bigger Thing
Emanative & Liz Elensky – Tea Leaf Dancers feat. Vince Vella
Spray – You’ll Never be Forgiven
Anzahlung – Standing Still
Radioactive Man & Ben Pest – Old Tight Selektah
Nkisi – Blackbox
Jasss – Turbo Olé
Drew Five – Endless Ocean
Trislanda – With You

#BoL50 2020

Been a weird year, hasn’t it? While live music took a mighty hit, creators got creative and there have been some belting albums put out over the last 12 months. For this writer, the debut from Working Men’s Club was the pick with notable mentions for Billy Nomates, bdrmm, I Like Trains, Ghostpoet and most of all the mighty SAULT who appeared from nowhere with several incredible LPs. Container and Night Giants continue to make absolute bangers, Gemma Dunleavy is a fresh new voice with 90s UK garage stylistics and when you think it’s a terrible year and you count up the toll on your mental and physical health, remember this: We got a new record from Teenage Fanclub.
Here with our annual round up then, which this year is 51 tracks long.

Adam Walton – Red Letter, Brown Envelope
The Lovely Eggs – This Decision
The Milk – Never Come Down
Dream Nails – Text Me Back (Chirpse Degree Burns)
The Cowls – Should It Feel Like This?
AJJ – Normalization Blues
Surreal Kinnock – Bipolarism
ALA.NI – Differently
Flossed In Paradise – Off World
Bad Knaves – Indian’s Head
Jetta – Livin’
Four Tet – Baby
Container – Nozzle
Working Men’s Club – White Rooms & People
Bicep – Atlas
Fontaines DC – A Hero’s Death
The Murder Capital – Cellophane
I Like Trains – The Truth
Benefits – Imperfect
Hartnoll & Young – I’m Going Shopping
bdrmm – A Reason To Celebrate (Glok remix)
Wesdaruler – Fuck Trump America
Ghostpoet – I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep
Gemma Dunleavy – Up De Flats
SAULT – Why Why Why Why Why
Working Men’s Club – Valleys
Idles – Model Village
A Certain Ratio – Berlin
Little Barrie – After After
David Shrigley & Lord Stornoway – No Vacancies
Yard Act – Fixer Upper
Billy Nomates – No
Sleaford Mods – Mork n Mindy feat. Billy Nomates
SAULT – Free
John MOuse – Le Pigeon
Melt Yourself Down – Boot And Spleen
Bo Ningen – Zankoku
two pound – Collapsing Inward
Night Giants – Selector
Lalalar – Hiç Mutlu Olmam Daha İyi
Ed Dowie – Robot Joy Army
Teenage Fanclub – Home
Divide And Dissolve – We Are Really Worried About You
Django Django – Glowing In The Dark
Eli Hermit – Madmen
Paper Fishes – All Your Lives Are Dreams Played Inside My Head
Lara Smiles – Oh How
Benin City – Get Your Own
shame – Snow Day
Drew Five – The Meeting Place
Shit And Shine – Hillbilly Moonshine

RADIO LIES ep 345: christmas special

Ho ho ho. We nearly made it, everyone. OK, so we’re in tier n+1 where n is a large number, we may not be able to see who we thought we were going to….
Forget that. Christmas innit. So here’s the annual festive edition of the show. There’s a lot of ‘lonely christmas’ vibes out there for obvious reasons, but we’ve tried not to go too strong on that and have some diversity of thought. Picks this year are from The Sinclairs – Rat Scabies’ new(ish) band – and our chum Faithful Johannes, while we have two tracks from Fightmilk’s festive EP which other than these two original tracks features a bunch of covers. Speaking of which, Talkboy have a cover in here too, just before we end in the traditional manner, with a dodgy transformer.

The Sinclairs – Pillow Fight Skies feat. Jane Horrocks
Jetstream Pony – Grief Of A (Frozen) Sailor
Arrest! Charlie Tipper – Xmas=Consume
Fightmilk – Happy Christmas (I Guess I’ll See You Next Year)
Dream Nails – Lonely Star
The Hannah Barberas – Can You Hear The Snowfall?
Oh Peas! – Feeling Terrible This Christmas
Faithful Johannes – It’s OK To Be Alone
Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer – I’m Getting The Blame For Christmas
Minimal Schlager – Fireworks feat. Eddie Argos and Laura Lee
Fightmilk – I’m Dreaming Of A Christmas (Where You Just Explode)
Porridge Radio – The Last Time I Saw You (O Christmas)
Police Dog Hogan – First Christmas Alone
Slow Club – It’s Christmas And You’re Boring Me
Talkboy – White Christmas
Half Man Half Biscuit – All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit

Be safe, be well. We’ll have our end-of-year round up later in the week, but other than that, we’re off until the new year. Good luck everyone.


Last regular show of this absolute arse of a year. But hey, if you’re reading this, that means you got through it! Go you! And so did we, with a lot of help from seeking out your next favourite band to keep us sane. This week, a new one from The Avalanches who have a new album out. Another one from Ghostpoet’s magnificent LP I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep, one of the records of the year. The Comet Is Coming are the acceptable face of saxophones, while Samuum and Anzahlung (featuring The Shend from The Cravats) are filed in this weeks experimental segment. Look, it’s all good. Just try it out.

The Sexy Wild East – A Statue Of Paddington Bear
Those Fucking Snowflakes – Due Some Terrible End
Talkboy – Sky Is Falling
The Baggios – Mantrayam
Mystic Peach – Wanna Be My Daddy
Dan O’Farrell & The Difference Engine (pictured) – I Am Afraid
Flor And The Sea – Kings & Queens
Modern Studies – The Failing Light
Dogma – Austerity
Anzahlung – You’re My Friend
Dark Time Sunshine – 7 Knots/Ayemen
Knomad Spock – Papillon
Ghostpoet – Bruised Fruit
The Comet Is Coming – Imminent feat. Joshua Idehen
Samuum – Moranam
The Avalanches – Insterstellar Love feat. Leon Bridges
Makoto Nagata – Depth

Christmas special next week then a couple of weeks off. Thanks for listening.


Highlights this week are a new one off the forthcoming long-players from Sleaford Mods and Shame. Sweden’s Viagra Boys also have a new one due and there’s another single off that. David Shrigley’s latest spoken word collaboration came out last month and we like it a lot – as expected really. Gary, Indiana and The Byker Grove Fan Club are new ones to us. Sir Robert Orange Peel sums up the year on his new one, Ceiling Demons have a 7″ out, we open with new stuff from Russians JARS and work through until we get to Strega Beata, the new name for Lana Del Rabies. Get it down you.

JARS – Заебало (Sick)
The Byker Grove Fan Club – Cake Shop
shame – Snow Day
Swine Tax – Johnny
Viagra Boys – Creatures
Gary, Indiana – Nike Of Samothrace
David Shrigley & Regis Laugier – Hey You
A Bunch Of Jerks – Chad
Night Beats – That’s All You Got feat. Robert Levon Been
Magic Wands – Angel Dust
Cornershop – I’m A Wooden Soldier
Charlotte Clark – Drive On
Ceiling Demons – Soul Within A Storm
Sleaford Mods – Shortcummings
Sir Robert Orange Peel – Baby Shower
Strega Beata (pictured) – Grace The Teacher


In the week where our spirit animal Diego Armando Maradona died, the enigmatic Sir Robert Orange Peel has a tribute. We open, however, with a new one from Benefits who are rapidly becoming the voice of our inner rage. We work our way through an important piece from M(h)aol about the Magdalene Laundries and head towards more uplifting tracks from Benin City and Feral Five via new Arab Strap. Get stuck in.

Benefits – Traitor
Sir Robert Orange Peel – A Soccer Ball Is Worth More Than 100 Rifles
Sweet Benfica – Death Party Rule
The Battery Farm – Excellent Public Speaker
M(h)aol – Laundries
Arab Strap – Compersion part 1
Soothsayer – Rat Race
The Allergies – Gather Around
Beach Riot – Blush
Maruja – Rage
Paper Fishes – All Your Lives Are Dreams Played Inside My Head
Straight Girl – Limón
Lara Smiles – Oh How
Nice Biscuit – Fem Chem
Benin City – Get Your Own
Feral Five (pictured) – Get A Grip


Highlights for the week are a new single off what is probably going to be our album of the year by Working Men’s Club, an email from our chums Night Giants with news of their banging new EP and also from Faithful Johannes with more of his unique stylings. New stuff from old giffers corner sees Half Japanese and Teenage Fanclub come back with new material. This one was a joy to put together and it bangs, so have a listen and maybe you’ll find your next favourite band in there.

Ed Dowie – Robot Joy Army
Working Men’s Club – John Cooper Clarke
Lalalar – Hiç Mutlu Olmam Daha İyi
Night Giants (pictured) – Selector
Faithful Johannes – Dust
Cavernzz – Heartbreak For England
Radio Europa – Lick The Shadow
Jesu – When I Was Small
Chiedu Oraka – Serve You A Taster
Fat Earthers – Like Like Like
Half Japanese – Undisputed Champions
Head Noise – Age Of Content
The Fuckin’ Glorious – Another Mess
Kiwi Jr – Cooler Returns
Teenage Fanclub – Home
Van Houten – You And Me


Lockdown 2, though lockdown 1 never really went away in terms of getting in to the studio, so this series of shows sans commentary continues. And we start with New Zealand’s Cavemen, pop to Milan for Bear Of Bombay, Belgrade for Repetitor as well as more local stuff. Yard Act have long established themselves as a house favourite and their new track features along with another from the new Eli Hermit EP and some poppier stuff in the middle.

The Cavemen – Euthanise Me
Adulkt Life – Whistle/Country
Repetitor – Kost I Koža
Swine Tax – Relax
Bear Of Bombay – Night Tree
tunng – A Million Colours
Speedboat – bigboy123
Baby Queen – Want Me
Hayley Mary – The Chain
Xup – Disconnect
Yard Act – Peanuts
Loud Apartment – No Justification
Dead Sheeran – Flytippin’
BBXO – Money (Can’t Buy Me Love)
Eli Hermit – Madmen
Conscious Route & True Note (pictured) – Needles