The first track we played on air was Default by then new band Django Django. That debut album is now ten years old, marked with a bunch of remixes one of which we have here for you. It also makes us think – maybe ten years is a good time to call it quits here. Life moves on, we’ve all got different responsibilities now. Not saying we will, but it’s a thought.
Anyhoo, we kick off with Viagra Boys who have a new LP coming out and are off on tour. Fellow Swedes Hater also feature. The latest one from bdrmm is bloody great and we also have a remix from Working Men’s Club. We’ve been fans of Vukovar from pretty well the start and they’ve a new one out. See also Billy Nomates. And we close with old friend Paul Foster, aka DXIII. And if you don’t know his work, then we ain’t made any impact whatsoever in ten years.

Viagra Boys – Ain’t No Thief
Bob Vylan (pictured) – Wicked & Bad
Fontaines DC – Skinty Fia
Life – Friends Without Names
bdrmm – Port
Solar Eyes – Dreaming Of The Moon
Hater – Something
Vukovar – Place To Rest
Feardrops – Cold Outta Virtue
Plosivs – Broken Eyes
Crows – Slowly Separate
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Kepler-22b
Billy Nomates – Blue Bones
Project Gemini – Scorpio’s Waltz
Dax J – Sunrise In Kyiv
bdrmm – Port (Working Men’s Club remix)
Django Django – Default (Mad Professor dub mix)
Dementio13 – Modern Anxiety


Sticking the word ‘youth’ in your band name is always tricky. Thurston Moore’s in his sixties, for crying out loud. Here, we open with Youth Sector, a new one on us, with a Devo/Talking Heads kind of twist we rather like. Black Midi have an EP of covers out, so we’ve gone with the King Crimson one. Old chum Faithful Johannes tours the charity shops in his inimitable style. The Wave Pictures continue to excel, as if you expect anything less. And there’s all sorts in the middle for you to try.

Youth Sector (pictured) – Is Blood
The Wave Pictures – Never Let You Down
Snakerattlers – Spooked
Pixies – Human Crime
Black Midi – 21st Century Schizoid Man
Jon Spencer & The Hitmakers – Junk Man
Flamango Bay – Lucky Star
Forming – All The Colours Of The Dark
Dictator – Candlemaker Row
Black Doldrums – Sad Paradise
Slow Crush – Blue
Loop – Halo
Faithful Johannes – Chazza Shop Song
Joshua Idehen – Don’t You Give Up On Me
WH Lung – Kaya
Dirty Freud – Shame On Me
The 209 feat. If It Happens – Again & Again


It’s difficult right now isn’t it, living. We can but hope that music provides a little distraction. It does for us, so it feels good to share.
As usual, lots going on. A peek behind the curtain – we’re already compiling an end-of-year list and there are couple on here this week that will be going in. Jump in, enjoy, and be kind to yourselves.

Belle & Sebastian – If They’re Shooting At You
The Smile – The Smoke
Melody’s Echo Chamber – Personal Message
The Monochrome Set – Hello, Save Me
Automatic – New Beginning
Warmduscher – Twitchin’ In The Kitchen
Aldous Harding (pictured) – Fever
Arab Strap – Flutter
Klammer – Progress (Or The Lack Of)
Pit Pony – Black Tar
The Mysterines – Dangerous
Houseplants – The Barrows
Soul Revivers ft. Ernest Ranglin – Harder
Raw Poetic – Open Roads
Joshua Idehen & LOOR – Kill The Bill
Chiedu Oraka – North Face
TVAM – Piz Buin
Sir Robert Orange Peel – The Inbetweener


In the week we lost Mark Lanegan, we also found enough to otherwise occupy us.
Clearly we start with a Lanegan track. Favourite? Probably not, but how do you choose?
We will soon be waving goodbye to John MOuse too, though not for such unpleasant reasons. Instead, Hot Car represents the final track for a while before John Davies returns in his next guise. Holodrums debut album is terrific so have another one off there, Loose Articles are an exciting new one on us and you know the drill by now. So get on it.

Mark Lanegan – I Am The Wolf
Simon & The Astronauts ft. Rachel Haden – I Have A Name
Loose Articles – Chaos
Horsemeat – Shame
Bambara – Birds
The JoJo Man Band – Aeroplane
Adwaith – ETO
22 Oceans – Home
Marc O ft. Belle Scar – Le Teste De La Femme À Barbe
Still Corners – Far Rider
Morcheeba – Sounds Of Blue (Gui Boratto remix)
John MOuse – Hot Car
Deer – אIV (Out Of The Mountain Of Despair)
Holodrum – Lemon Chic
Props – Dream On
DXIII – Granadaland


It’s new HMHB album time, let us all rejoice. We went to see them recently and you’ll be pleased to know that everything you require is still there.
The track here from Wax-Tree-Cast isn’t too current – came out at the back end of last year – but they’re new to us, we like their sound, so it’s in. And they’re relatively local to us, so that’s always a bonus. And all the rest is great too, starting with new Bloc Party material and ending with the always excellent Sir Robert Orange Peel. Have at it.

Half Man Half Biscuit – Rogation Sunday’s Here Again!
Bloc Party – Traps
Laundromat – Combo
Pinch Points – Am I OK?
Petrol Girls – Baby, I Had An Abortion
Gloria – Anymore
Cheerbleederz – Cute As Hell
Wax-Tree-Cast – Run!
Fontaines DC – I Love You
Kælan Mikla – Svört Augu
GNOD – Bad Apple
Der Mann – Rock n Roll n Sozialstaat
Sparkling – Not The Right Place
Defset – All The Room And No Space
Baba Ali – Black + Blue
Dog Unit – Turn Right And Right Again
John Paul – Dolls House
Dälek – Decimation (Dis Nation)
Sir Robert Orange Peel – Youbutteo


Two new(-ish) bands for you to get your teeth into this time. Wine Moms are totally new to us and sound pretty damn far up our street. We’ve been aware of Thank a little while, but reckon they still count as new(-ish), but they’re really maturing well.
We open, however, with the mighty Benefits. We saw them supporting I Like Trains recently and the live experience did not disappoint. Do catch them on their headline dates coming up. Other highlights are Claude Cooper – an assault on the senses covering psych-funk, trip-hop and jazz – a new Home Counties track, retro vibes from The Senior Service and more from the prolific Conscious Route.

Benefits – Meat Teeth
Thank – Dread
Big Softy – The Big Man
Lupers – Tutú
The Facades – Don’t Ask
Wine Moms (pictured) – I Hope You Have Regrets
Home Counties – Village Spirit
Charles Watson – Figure Skater
Flamango Bay – LA
Samana – Patience
Dubstar – Token
The Senior Service – If You’re Not There
Claude Cooper – Stan’s Plan
Lazy Habits – CTRL
Lence – I’m Sorry I’m Like This
Conscious Route & Scott Bathgate ft. Sean Focus – Love & Institutions
Rodney Cromwell – Opus Three
Marie Craven – That’s What I Said


So much to get through this time. From new albums received this week, we have a track from everybody’s current favourites Yard Act. We’re happy to have been on this train from the beginning and it’s great to see them so well received. It’s well earned. We’ve been fans of Fold for a long time too and their much-delayed (vinyl pressing issues) album Aphelion arrived this week. A tribute to the playwright Lorraine Hansberry, it follows the Fold pattern of sound clips over the tunes and works to perfection. Fold’s Seth Moshowitz has also teamed up with fellow Leeds-based emigré Komla MC for a collaborative project which sounds pretty good to us. And there’s a new album from Fontaines DC which everybody will be raving about before too long. Also on the collaboration train are part of Yard Act and members of the now ex-outfit Hookworms under the moniker Holodrum. Top notch.
Elsewhere, we have new ones from The Wave Pictures with a nice Northern Soul type hook to draw you in, Baba Ali – touring with Yard Act and signed to their label – Vukovar, Arab Strap, Teleman drummer Hiro Ama with a solo project. So much goodness for your ears. Dive in.

Fontaines DC – Jackie Down The Line
Peaness – How I’m Feeling
Reminders – Carousel
Winachi – Characters
Yard Act – Quarantine The Sticks
Richard James Simpson – We’re In The Wolf’s Mouth
Arab Strap – Aphelion
Surprise Chef – The Positive And The Negative
The C33s – Better Luck Next Time, Soul Seeker!
The Wave Pictures – Flight From Destruction
Lotte Kestner – Open Ocean
Vukovar & Max EMRG – The Sheltering Sky
Black Flower – O Fogo
Holodrum – Free Advice
Yarni – Orgone
Hiro Ama – Free Soul
Fold (pictured) – Insurgent Mood
Post Coal Prom Queen feat. Conscious Route – Dragons Jaw
BBXO feat. Reba Mangope – Berlin Heart
Komla MC vs Fold – Victoria Falls
Baba Ali – Living It Up


Back to it. Soup! are new to us and sound pretty darn good. Pencil that in for your end-of-year lists which, yes, we’re already talking about. See also that collaboration between Kid Kapichi – whose LP This Time Next Year which totally passed us by last year – and Bob Vylan. Terrific stuff. Warmduscher’s new album is due soon, so we’ve another track from that while old favourites Faithful Johannes, Whirling Hall Of Knives and Boobs Of Doom all have new ones out to ease you into another January. Dive in.

Jim Bower – Starting Tomorrow
Smashing Red – Smashed
The Total Rejection – Paul’s Eye, John’s Teeth
Herzegovina – Emergency
Soup! – The Acrobat
Warmduscher – Fatso
Sea Power – Green Goddess
The Sexy Wild East – Let The Good Times Roll
Ashinoa – Disguised In Orbit
Digital Resistance – Duty
Kid Kapichi (pictured) ft. Bob Vylan – New England
Kevin Beacham x Odd Nosdam – What Remains… (Sum Of Inspiration)
Faithful Johannes – Head Down
Nosdam + Rayon – From Nowhere To North
Whirling Hall Of Knives – Xyllindric
Boobs Of Doom – Halama’umu’u
Fila Brazillia – Apollyon

#BoL50 2021

With the last of the leftovers finally devoured, it’s time to look back at what 2021 gave us. For starters, lots of postponed gigs, but also a slow, ginger return to venues. Highlights for us include The Nightingales – which had been postponed from the before times – Benefits and Billy Nomates. It gave us a shortage of vinyl just to throw another blocked in the way of anyone actually making any money out of this business. But there were, as always, some great records to soundtrack the year. And here, as every year, are our favourite 50 which this year includes 53 tracks.

The Trudy – Dear Sancho
Home Counties – White Shirt/Clean Shirt
Alex Spencer – Things Just Come & Go
Blanketman – Leave The South
Play Dead – Shaun
Italia 90 – Borderline
The Broken Orchestra & Joe Hakim – Play To The Gallery
Dry Cleaning – Strong Feelings
Black Salmon – Chihuahua Power
The Shed Project – Feel My Love
Working Men’s Club – X
Jister – Normal Island
Sons Of Kemet – To Never Forget The Source
The Lucid Dream – Coalesce
The C33s – Benzodiac
Monitors – The Drill
Herbert Grönemeyer & Alex Silva – I Love A Man In Uniform
Django Django – Kick The Devil Out
Idles – Damaged Goods
JOHN – A Song For Those Who Speed In Built-Up Areas
Mathlovsky – Geng Geng Gang
Great Pagans – Just A Step Behind
Amateur Trepanning – Thank Ourselves Of Temporary
Baba Ali – Black Wagon
Sugar Horse – Fat Dracula
Dead Slow Hoot – Gesticulating Wildly
Ceiling Demons – From The Womb To The Grave
Alabama 3 – Whacked
Andrew Hung – Brother
Voodoo Beach – Anders Sein
Tropical Fuck Storm – G.A.F.F
Wet Leg – Chaise Longue
Chihuahua – Nailing Tent Pegs To My Forehead
DZ Deathrays – Skeleton Key
Amen Dunes & Sleaford Mods – Feel Nothing
Lonely Guest – Pre-War Tension
Boyoca – Bamboo Mask
Amyl & The Sniffers – Guided By Angels
Johnny Marr – Spirit, Power & Soul
Sea Fever – Crossed Wires
JOHN – Šibensko Powerhouse
Stocksnskins – Control Alt Delete
Y Bülbül & Rose Glass – Aspiration Nation
Wet Leg – Wet Dream
Pray For Mojo – Landslide
Amyl & The Sniffers – Hertz
The Limiñanas & Laurent Garnier – Saul
Skrattar – Trouble
Pigeon – Yagana
Warmduscher – Wild Flowers
Pictish Trail – Natural Successor
Little Dragon – Drifting Out
Gefahrgeist & Conscious Route – Orbit

And in a break with tradition, here we choose our favourite of the favourites. Johns must stick together:

Thanks for listening this year. We’ll do all this again in 2022


Highlight this week, among many, is a foretaste of the next album from The Pictish Trail. Out early next year, if Natural Successor is anything to go by, it’ll be a belter. Elsewhere, Orbital bring the now 30-year old Satan up to date, there’s a new album from Physics House Band, poet Luke Wright debuts with his band The People Who Run The Country with their eponymous single. And there’s a Bob Vylan track. Crackin’

Jim Bower – Ten Years To Save The World
The Scaramanga Six – It Is The Face Wish How
DITZ – The Warden
The People Who Run The Country – The People Who Run The Country
The Allergies – Utility Man ft. Andy Cooper
Richard James Simpson – Starry Hope
Yard Act – Payday
Bob Vylan – GDP
The Bug – Treetop ft. Jason Williamson
Pussy Riot – Rage (Boys Noize remix)
Orbital – Satan (30 Something Years Later remix)
Dementio13 – Knots
Phonseca – Frozen Music
El Michels Affair – Cham Cham
Yip Man – Not That Easy
The Pictish Trail (pictured) – Natural Successor
Swansea Sound – Freedom Of Speech
Physics House Band – Incident On 3rd
Little Dragon – Drifting Out
Gefahrgeist – Orbit ft. Conscious Route


We ease you in with some Cold Water Swimmers this week for two reasons. One, it’s a great record. Two, it would be cruel to go straight in with Gnod and have your face torn off before we really got going. Jeez, that’s good. Other highlights for us this week are Old Tramp and a remastered album worth of Bush Tetra tracks from which we have Too Many Creeps for you. Overdue a do over, we reckon. And we end with a Cobby double because why not.

Cold Water Swimmers – Everything We’ve Ever Had (We’ve Had To Fight For)
Gnod (pictured) – Pink Champagne Blues
Black Flies – A Concrete Garden Where I Lay To Rest
Cinemascope – In Silence
Swansea Sound – Rock N Roll Void
Old Tramp – Middle Of Nowhere
slo/tide – Neck High
Emlyn Johnson – Don’t Wanna Be Anyone Else
Pinch Points – Reason To Be Anxious
Bush Tetras – Too Many Creeps
Champyun Clouds – Check For Silt
Easy Stride Band – Satellite
Peakes – Day & Age
The Mystery Plan – Silver Lining (Steve Cobby remix)
Steve Cobby – Pick Flowers Brewmaster