Another eclectic mix tonight. Bit of Scandi stuff, tracks from Lippy Kid and Radio Europa off a compilation raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society – a cause close to my heart – an utter banger from Container, big late-1990s vibes from Jetta and Four Tet, 14 minutes of ambient techno from Sound Effects Of Death And Horror and Beefheart-esque goodness from The GR Record Head. Dive in, have fun.

Podcasts – Dragging The Lake
Juniore – Ah Bah D’Accord
Mayflower Madame – Vultures
The GR Record Head – Fred Hampton
John – Western Wilds
Orochen – Thinking Eyes
Doomshakalaka – Black Balloons
Alfie – The Easter Song
Cheerbleederz – Disco
Lexytron – Tell The Vein
Jetta (pictured) – Livin’
Four Tet – Baby
Lippy Kid & Greg Farndon – Thought Form IV (Palisade)
Radio Europa – Cities Of The Red Night
Container – Nozzle
Sound Effects Of Death And Horror – Techno Optimism


Closing in on the triple century now. Quite an eclectic mix this week, so fingers crossed there’ll be at least one thing you like.

The Chap – Merch
Japanese Television (pictured) – Bruno’s Nightmare
AJJ – Normalization Blues
Surreal Kinnock – Bipolarism
Smoke Fairies – Disconnect
Ala.Ni – Differently
Flossed In Paradise – Off World
Apollo Junction – What Are You Waiting For?
The Ghost Wolves – Let’s Go To Mars
Bad Knaves – Indian’s Head
Intet – A Part
Mechanimal – Stolen Flesh
Domus – Canada feat. Ljung
Humanist – Shock Collar feat. Dave Gahan
PVA – Divine Intervention
Taxxess – Danger


Still no recording – more of that after the rest – but we crack on regardless searching for your next favourite band. And also a track raising money for Australian First Nations communities devastated by the ongoing fires down there.

The Lovely Eggs – This Decision
Girls In Synthesis – Pressure
Lust For Youth – New Balance Point
The Goa Express – The Day
Dispel – Temptation
Rev Rev Rev – Adrift In The Chaosmos
Kiwi Jr – Salary Man
The Milk – Never Come Down
Surprise Chef (pictured) – Hymn For The #1 Tram
Dream Nails – Text Me Back (Chirpse Degree Burns)
Summer Camp – Women In Love
Mush – Revising My Fee
Dead Arms – Grandad Hates You
Oceans Over Alderaan – There’s Always Another Summer
Wrangler – How To Start A Revolution
The Cowls – Should It Feel Like This?

So go buy that Surprise Chef track. It’s really good as well as doing some good. Link up there. And here.
Not really on the same scale, but….. Regarding that computer, the station this goes out on is a charity and we’re not just concerned with this show, but for the station as a whole. If you feel you can spare us some change so we can replace our knackered machines, please do by clicking here and dobbing us something. Thank you.


Back to the old routine. More things you need on your radar, some from the back end of last year, some throwing forward deeper into 2020. Look ’em up. Go on, dare you.

Def Robot – The Last Cuss
Travelling Wave – The Lake
The Pink Tiles – Have You Heard
Joseph Martone – The Deal
The Cavemen – My Baby Knows
Euros Childs – Bits Of Me (Falling Off)
Adam Walton – Red Letter, Brown Envelope
Luc – Lost In Love
Snippet (aka Johnno Casson) – Wondering
Fanclub – Trespassing
Meatraffle – Meatraffle On The Moon
Hannah Lou Clark (pictured) – Trigger Happy Kisses
Eli Hermit – Japan
Paige Kennedy – Finga
DXIII – Fentibuse 100mg
TGC – Secret Wedding


Yeah, not gonna be able to play this on the radio either.
It took this writer a lot of time to get Sparks. Post-40, certainly. That early stuff still sounds really good, but in the last few years they seem to have become substantially more playful and outspoken. You could say – naively – that climate change isn’t necessarily their fight given that Ron and Russ are both in their 70s now, but their festive output focuses on that and with the addition of a chorus of kids sees Russ kind of hand the baton to the coming generation. Honest and heartfelt and not totally devoid of hope.

A new album is to follow in 2020 along with tour dates. Catch them while you still can.

words by @johnnydobbo

#BOL50 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, time to look back on the year in music with the traditional fifty tracks that stood out for us at Chateau Lies. Except this year it’s 61 because we couldn’t decide on eleven to take out and we make the rules so sod off.
Also, as opposed to previous years, it’s not been carefully put together in some sort of cohesive order, rather the tracks appear in the order in which we played them on air. This way, we won’t get radged if you stick it on shuffle. So whack the cross-fade to 12 seconds and dive in.

We’ll be back with more of the usual guff in 2020 as we continue the search for your next favourite band. Happy new year.


The seventh annual christmas special. No Slade, no Wizzard, definitely no Wham. Some of these are box fresh, some stretch back a year or two and we end in the traditional manner with the only song I’ve ever played more than twice on air. It’s simply not christmas without it.
Enjoy, have a peaceful and restful holiday and we’ll be back in the new year. Thanks for listening, as always.

Final Clearance – Let’s Have An Indie Rock Christmas
Death Of Guitar Pop – Feeling Like A Right James Blunt At Christmas
My Name Is Ian – Christmas Time Again
Emily Lockett – Always Got Next Christmas
The Attery Squash – Santa’s Laughter Mocks The Poor
Graham Brady – No-one Hates Christmas More Than Me
Bis – You Wrecked My Christmas
Goddammit Jeremiah – Mince Pies!
The Hannah Barberas – Oh Santa Claus!
The Mockers – (There’s No War On Christmas) When Christmas Is In Your Heart
Jamie Jamal – The Greatest Gift
Trembling Blue Stars – Christmas & Train Trips & Things
The School – Happy Christmas (Don’t Tell Me It’s Over)
Faithful Johannes – You Don’t Like Christmas Songs
The Holiday Scene – Eight Dates A Week (Song for Hannukah)
Half Man Half Biscuit – All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit


Still no office computer so no ability to record the show as it went out, so you have to do with a mashup again. I mean, if anyone wants to buy the charity a decent computer, hit us up. Anyway…

Woolen Men – Mexico City Blues
Moderate Rebels (pictured) – Every Cheat You Meet Sings Love Songs
Virus – Money
Ukepunk – Civil Enforcement Officer
Morning Bells – Ghost Story
Alan Jenkins – Platypus
Psycho Comedy – Standin’
The Orange Kyte – Infinity Rope
Daymaker – MPC
The Routes – Just How It Feels
Hayley Mary – The Piss, The Perfume
Sea Legs – Favourite Doll
Duck Thieves – Dance Like A Duck Thief
Ruthie – No-one On This Earth ft. Drenge
High/Low – Red Beard
Urchin – Blame It


Another week without my dulcet tones breaking the pattern of the records. Terminal computer failure at the studios, unfortunately. Anyway, you know how to find things out in the information age, so have a listen and go look up the things you like. Or not. Whatever. I’m not your real dad.

Deva St. John – The Information Age
Salad Boys – This Issue
Nothingheads – Topsy
Sons Of Mu – The Locksmith (live)
Jetstream Pony – I Close My Eyes
Les Flâneurs – Dark Souls ft. Alice Greco
Cornershop (pictured) – No Rock: Save In Roll
Cheerbleederz – Say 2 U
Hot Snakes – Checkmate
Baxter Dury – Slumlord
Calva Louise – Sleeper
Lazarus Kane – Narcissus
Sex Cells – Modern Witchcraft
International Teachers Of Pop – I Stole Yer Plimsoles ft. Jason Williamson
[retreat] – three six nine
Jon Hopkins & Kelly Lee Owens – Luminous Spaces


No recording because computers and stuff, so you don’t get to hear my fulsome praise of the opening act who are flippin’ brilliant. As is everything else I played tonight, of course. And if you need more information, ask Jeeves or something.

Sink Ya Teeth (pictured) – The Hot House
A Certain Ratio – Dirty Boy ft. Barry Aamson (Chris Masey remix)
Benefits – Marlboro Hundred
Sons Of Mu – Self Service Checkout
Dry Cleaning – Sit Down Meal
The Chocolate Watchband – Secret Rendezvous
Skull Practitioners – The Beacon
The Creature Comfort – Highway 7
CRM – People In Coma
The Chap – Bring Your Dolphin
Pictish Trail – Bad Algebra
The Zips – IOU
Freya Beer – Dear Sweet Rosie
Eli Hermit – So Below
Mungos Hi-Fi x Eva Lazarus – We Weren’t Made For This
Kaouenn – Les Hiboux (John Delive remix)


Difficult to argue with the underlying premise, really.
This is the lead track off the new LP Fireraisers Forever! from Comet Gain, who have been around a lot longer than this writer realised. That might explain the slightly retro indie vibes underpinning the record.
The We in the title is important, as opposed to it being You’re All Fucking Morons. We each cannot shirk our individual part in the current fucking state of things. And it’s really catchy and provides a few moments relief from screaming into the void – an occupation which takes up more and more time each day.


Get Fireraisers Forever! from bandcamp. Find Comet Gain on Facebook

words by @johnnydobbo