This is getting a bit of a drag now, isn’t it? Suffice to say I ain’t coping so well, but putting this together has been something of a relief and a diversion. It’s also come out pretty well, I reckon.
What we got then? New old stock from Bowie, old old stock from Peruvian anarcho-punks Narcosis just because. We open with new stuff from Belgians [p.u.t] featuring Infidelix on vocals. There are corona specials aplenty; another one from John MOuse’s isolation project The Goat and from house favourites Meatraffle. We got an email from old friends Deer – the Mexican band based in Hong Kong. Great to hear from them with their new track. Yard Act are a spin-off from Menace Beach and their debut is a belter. Sweet Benfica are in there, our mate Samh has a spring-flavoured track out, we go to Latvia for something from The Eternal Witness, Cold Water Swimmers have a new one out and we close on a banger from Bleaching Agent. Tuck in and do consider buying something. Support independent music.

[p.u.t] – Gold ft. Infidelix
Gee Tee – 1970s Chicks
Deer (pictured) – Deaf
The Eternal Witness – Nerve Center
John MOuse – Le Pigeon
Biscuit Mouth – Hawaiian Fibre Tiger: I Was Born To Jive
Narcosis – Represion
David Bowie – Repression ’97
Brendan Benson – Richest Man
Samh – Lazy Spring
Sweet Benfica – White Rarebit
Cold Water Swimmers – Robot
Blokeacola – I Change My Mind
Yard Act – The Trapper’s Pelts
Meatraffle – Oh Corona (Treasure Isle Mix)
Bleaching Agent – Set You Going


The second show done in lockdown circumstances and it all seems to be getting to everyone. There are lots of lockdown-related tracks and we kick off with new old stock from show favourites Nervous Twitch who have put out an apt track on a pay-what-you-want basis. Moth Effect has knocked something up to relieve the boredom and The Broken Orchestra also have a topical track for us. Elsewhere, friend of the show Samh has a new single out and we’ll have the flip-side next week. There’s new stuff from veterans The Cravats and Psychedelic Furs while new ones from The Lounge Society and The Wants are really flicking our switches. And we close with an absolute banger from the mighty Bicep. So dig in, enjoy, then wash your hands.

Nervous Twitch – These Four Walls
Mean Motor Scooter – Aristobrat
The Lovely Eggs – Still Second Rate
The Cravats – Shy
RVG – Alexandra
Party Fears – All Is Good
Sex Cells – Deranged
Samh (pictured) – Animal
Psychedelic Furs – You’ll Be Mine
The Lounge Society – Generation Game
The Wants – The Motor
NZCA Lines – Pure Luxury
The Broken Orchestra – Someone Just Pressed Pause ft. TinB
Emanative & Tamar Collocutor – Energy
Moth Effect – Bastard
Bicep – Atlas


The studio is closed for the foreseeable and as you’ve not been able to hear my dulcet tones lately anyway, I figure let’s carry on as we have been. Lord alone knows I need an outlet and I’m sure you do to. So to business.
There’s another one from Baxter Dury’s new LP which you need to get on. Feminist agit-punk from Dream Nails, a trip to Spain with Biznaga and old friends Fold with their new one. And it gets all wonky later on with new stuff from GusGus, Lawrence King and Nathan Fake before closing with a track from the new release from the don himself, Steve Cobby. Dive in, enjoy, and wash your hands afterwards.

Aborted Tortoise – Violent Consumer
Hairy Mussels – Waterboarding
Witch Fever – Bezerk(h)er
The Kairos – Teetotal
Catholic Action – One Of Us
Dream Nails – Kiss My Fist
The Battery Farm – Poet Boy
Biznaga – 2k20
Tourists – Smokescreen
Baxter Dury (pictured) – I’m Not Your Dog
Fold – Concrete Things
International Teachers Of Pop – Don’t Diss The Disco
GusGus – Out Of Place
Lawrence King – Shuttle Loop
Nathan Fake – Tbilisi
Steve Cobby – Back In The Land Of The Living

Do consider purchasing some of these and exploring the artists back catalogue. Support your favourite musicians in these extraordinary times.


Another mixed bag tonight. There’s some weird and wonderful stuff from the likes of Laundromat, Soccer96 and Grotto Terrazza that are best classified as unclassifiable. Super-soul from Smoove and Turrell, noisy-yet-powerful stuff from Dream Nails and fast-becoming favourites Benefits, a stunning debut from Bert Brett and there’s Warm Digits, Nursery, The Banshees…. And a stone-cold stunner from Bo Ningen.

Benefits – The Common Good
Dream Nails – Payback
The Banshees – It’s Alright
Nursery – Porn Life
Bert Brett – Anything
Warm Digits – Feel The Panic feat. The Lovely Eggs
Fightmilk – I’m Starting To Think You Don’t Even Want To Go To Space
The Slow Readers Club – Killing Me
Porridge Radio – Sweet
Laundromat – Humans
Soccer96 – I Was Gonna Fight Fascism
Smoove & Turrell – Do It
Grotto Terrazza – Was Leben Will Muss Sterben
Bo Ningen (pictured) – BC
Caribou – Never Come Back


More of the good stuff as always. It was International Womens Day yesterday, so our favourite international woman Lexytron features. Screaming Females lead us off and there’s an essential bassline from Loose Fit. Later on we’ve got our favourite Belarusian post-punkers Super Besse, the amazing Lalić – from Serbia, now in Australia – Eli Hermit is back with another excellent track, there’s a remix from Ukepunk, new stuff from Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs and Fila Brazillia are only flippin’ well back. I know, right?

Screaming Females – Cortez The Killer
Spiral Perm – Egg Boy
I Am A Rocketship – My Nature
Lady Di – AAAAA
Broken Up – The Cage
Lexytron – Blue
Loose Fit – Pull The Lever
The Hannah Barberas – Breakout!
Ukepunk – Killing Me Inside (Symphony mix)
Eli Hermit & Ilya Id – Introvert
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Reducer
Super Besse – Ozhog (Burn)
Lalić – The Danube
Vain Machine – Perpetuate
Fila Brazillia (pictured) – The Silver Scale


What we got for you tonight then? How about some Italian shoegaze from The Backlash that’ll take you straight back to the 1990s? New stuff from Mark Lanegan and the wonderful Kelly Lee Owens? Bit of John Vanderslice? All this and loads more, as it happens.

Sorry – Snakes
Pale Honey – Treat You Good
The Backlash (pictured) – Everybody But Me
Surreal Kinnock – Morning Jazz
Dense – Fever Dream
Mark Lanegan – Skeleton Key
Bugeye – Don’t Stop
Liotta Seoul – Paper Blossom
Islet – Good Grief
Neverman – Picasso Dream
Life Aquatic Band – Underwater Highway
Twin Stranger – Tears Of Joy
Clan Of Xymox – She
Landshipping – Another Fleet
Kelly Lee Owens – Melt!
John Vanderslice – Cracked Pass Words


Couple of smashing debuts from Panic Shack and Neighbours Burning Neighbours, some Christmas cheer from Heckel & Jeckel, Americana about fast food from MFC Chicken. Show favourites the X-Ray Cat Trio and Sweet Benfica have new stuff out too. And all hail a surprise new track from The Avalanches. All among this weeks selections.

Jetstream Pony – Yellow Pills
Do Nothing – LeBron James
MFC Chicken – KFC Called The Cops On Me
Jester In Jail – Oh, Feelings!
Heckel & Jeckel – We Wish You A Merry Nothing
X-Ray Cat Trio (pictured) – Deathrace 2000
Panic Shack – Who’s Got My Lighter?
Neighbours Burning Neighbours – Softly
MiG 15 – Interstellar
Sweet Benfica – Tentacles
Monalia – Somebody Else
Mega Emotion – I Want So Much More Than You Can Give
Best Coast – Different Light
Warm Digits – Fools Tomorrow ft. Paul Smith
The Avalanches – We Will Always Love You ft. Blood Orange
6th Crowd – The Day Is Over


A proper world tour today with not one, but two Belarusian post-punk bands – old friends Super Besse and the lesser known (to us) Molchat Doma whose 2018 LP has had a recent wider distribution. Elsewhere, we went to see Working Mens Club last week and include their new single, there’s powerful new stuff from Jehnny Beth – she of Savages – as well as stuff from Japan, Brazil and a closing banger from Serbia.

Chai – Fashionista
Pet Crow – Insomnia
Working Mens Club – White Rooms & People
Dboy – Red Ultra Glide
God Damn – Dreamers
Memes – J.O.B.S
Dilettante – Shopfront
Jehnny Beth (pictured) – Flower
The Academy Of The Sun – The Parts That Need Replacing
Jape – I Want To Get Right
The Baggios – Limaia
Molchat Doma – На Дне (At The Bottom)
Super Besse – Rodina
Hallows – Subtle
Space Motion – Right On

News of the death of Andrew Weatherall reached us too late to adjust the schedule. We were all huge fans here and he had a huge influence on all of the stuff we love. We’ll do something in the the week by way of tribute.


More of the usual this week, featuring Lemon Jelly producer Fred Deakin and his new concept album, the enigmatic wonder that is Sir Robert Orange Peel and the equally mysterious Sault who had a couple of LPs out last year. Band name of the week is David Cronenberg’s Wife and we end with Holy Fuck. Kicking us off are Asian Dub Foundation who are back back back, baby. Get in.

Asian Dub Foundation (pictured) – Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay
Warm Digits – The View From Nowhere
The Pink Diamond Revue – Miss Lonely Hearts (Rude Audio remix)
Mint – Goodbye Beautiful
Sugar Horse – Pity Party
Forgetting The Future – Sara Tonin
The Pedaljets – Disassociation Blues
Nada Surf – Something I Should Do
David Cronenberg’s Wife – Hannity Comes Home
Surf Rock Is Dead – Diabolik
Sault – Tip Toe
Fred Deakin – The End Of The World ft. Charlotte Hatherley
Sir Robert Orange Peel – Sid
Ruf Dug – Shoppin’
Holy Fuck – Deleters

picture by Umberto Lopez


Late switch to the running order I had planned following the announcement of the death of Andy Gill. Not the way I wanted to open the 300th edition of the show, but events.
Besides a bit of vintage Gang Of Four to open, there’s new stuff from Benefits that you need in your life and an absolute belter of a soul track from Tommy Down which may be the record of the week. And Nelson Can release a new LP at the same time as announcing that they’re splitting up, which sucks as they’re great. Oh well, enjoy while you can.

Gang Of Four – At Home He’s A Tourist
Benefits – Divide And Be Conquered
CSE Art Project – The Truth’s On Telly
Little Albert – No Auto Correct
Michael – Sole Trader
Alex Kelman – Alone
Seazoo – The Pleasure
Neverman – Ibiza ’98
Oranj Son – Whole Hunger
Cornershop – St Marie Under Canon
The Late Pioneers – Bird In My Hand
Who Can Sleep – All Your Love
Nelson Can – I Wanna Be With You
Big Fox – Beast
Omar Souleyman – Shlon
Tommy Down – Don’t Think I’m Leaving Without You
Tiger Shadow – Loopholes For The Brave


Another eclectic mix tonight. Bit of Scandi stuff, tracks from Lippy Kid and Radio Europa off a compilation raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society – a cause close to my heart – an utter banger from Container, big late-1990s vibes from Jetta and Four Tet, 14 minutes of ambient techno from Sound Effects Of Death And Horror and Beefheart-esque goodness from The GR Record Head. Dive in, have fun.

Podcasts – Dragging The Lake
Juniore – Ah Bah D’Accord
Mayflower Madame – Vultures
The GR Record Head – Fred Hampton
John – Western Wilds
Orochen – Thinking Eyes
Doomshakalaka – Black Balloons
Alfie – The Easter Song
Cheerbleederz – Disco
Lexytron – Tell The Vein
Jetta (pictured) – Livin’
Four Tet – Baby
Lippy Kid & Greg Farndon – Thought Form IV (Palisade)
Radio Europa – Cities Of The Red Night
Container – Nozzle
Sound Effects Of Death And Horror – Techno Optimism