Still not even slightly festive, so it’s a regular packed show tonight.

Art Brut – Good Morning Berlin (pictured)
Lexytron – I’m Not A Disco
She, Robot – 7 Bells
Frills – Drunk Girls, Drunk Boys
Campfire Social – Oh Atrophy
Trampolene – Divided Kingdon
Evi Vine – Sabbath feat. Simon Gallup
Papercuts – Waking Up
The Autumn Stones – Into The Light
Viagra Boys – Sports
Holiday Ghosts – Booksmart
Collate – Who Cares About Tradition?
JD Meatyard – Broken Arm Jesus
Cathedrale – I Think I Can
Zac White – Nuclear Splinter
Jeremy Vibes – Hall Of Fame

Christmas special next week, all being well.



Quite a few longer records this week, so only 14 tracks but still more than an hour of music.

Dream Can – Cheap Cheap Time I Live, Money Money Saves Me
Desperate Journalist – Cedars
Birds & Beasts – Time Stands Still (pictured)
Strike The Colours – Branches
Laffmad – News From Nowhere
Gum Takes Tooth – Borrowed Lies
The Chats – Do What I Want
Heavy Lungs – Blood Brother
The Armed – Nowhere To Be Found
Test Dept. – Landlord
Grimes – We Appreciate Power
Ladytron – Far From Home
Vukovar feat. Michael Cashmore – Little Gods
Sun Kil Moon – This Is Not Possible


Two and half centuries up, at last. Felt like it had been stuck in the 230s and 240s for ever, but here we are. Wave of the bat, enjoy the moment and then get stuck back in to it.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – My Friend’s A Liquid
Chris Connelly – Bloodhounds
FEWS – Paradiso
Oxygen Thief – End Of The Pier Pressure
Blanketman – Flip It Over
Wilted – Final Call
Skylights – What You Are
The Declining Winter – My Divided World
Somedays – Knockout
Ilu – Jaanus
Doe – Labour Like I Do
Kælan Mikla – Nornaglið (pictured)
Mega Emotion – Laura
Feral Five – Pet Show
Equinox – Driven with Reed Hays
Lone – Temples (808 State mix)

And we’ll try all this again in a week’s time.


The first edition of a new and occasional series. Our first guest mix comes from IBWM founder – and therefore godfather of the Book Of Lies – Jeff Livingstone, aka Def Jeff.
This won’t be a weekly thing – just as and when – but it’s important because the search for your new favourite band shouldn’t just be limited to new stuff. And different voices give us a better spread. Anyway, onwards…

A Tribe Called Quest – Luck Of Lucien
The Concretes – You Can’t Hurry Love
Meatbodies – Wahoo
The Shadows Of Knight – Dark Side
Gil Scott Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Joe Bataan – The Bottle
The Ikettes – I’m Just Not Ready For Love
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers – She Cracked
Verckys & L’Orchestre Vévé – Oui Verckys
Vivien Goldman – Launderette
Dave Berry – My Baby Left Me
The Spencer Davis Group – I’m A Man
The Sudden Death Of Stars – Over The Top
Skinnyman – I’ll Be Surprised
The Detroit Cobras – Cha-Cha Twist
Dave Edmunds – Girls Talk
Roots Manuva – Witness (1 Hope)
Hospitality – Inauguration
Sister Sledge – Lost In Music

We feel sure that Jeff will be back in future with another mix. Find him @DefJeff


Reissue, repackage, repackage. Well, we’ve one reissue this week, but what a reissue. That and loads, loads more in this week’s programme.

The Lottery Winners – That’s Not Entertainment
Slurs – Mockery
Muck & The Mires – Doreen
FEVA – Uneasy
The Menstrual Cramps – Boycott The Lot (pictured)
Nightingales – Chaff
Fontaines DC – Too Real
Kagoule – Monsieur Automaton
Swervedriver – Mary Winter
Kidsmoke – Rising Sun
Django Django – Swimming At Night
Skull Snaps – It’s A New Day
Chester P – Melancholic Flowers
International Teachers Of Pop – Another Brick In The Wall (Remoaner mix)
Toy – Sequence One
Slift – Heavy Road

See you next week


Should be back to a weekly routine now for a bit, but all these weeks off mean I’ve still got a massive backlog to work through, so let’s crack on.

My Autumn Empire – Future Song
Voice Of Aiko – Prescription Dream
Hugh Cornwell – Pure Evel
Bauer – Bully Boy
A+ – Shadows
Don Gonzo – Quit Your Job (pictured)
Drenge – Bonfire Of The City Boys
Papaya Fuzz – Set Me Free
Swine Tax – Natural Causes
The Baggios – Deserto ft Baiana System
Guerilla Toss – Meteorological
Russ Litten – Bohemia
Levelz – Respect Respect
Gloria – White Lily
Daughters – Satan In The Wait
Noctorum – Piccadilly Circus In The Rain
Silent Forum – Robot
The Noise & The Naive – Pharmaprix


Another bumper episode as the week-on, week-off schedule continues. Getting bumped for live football next week – the absolute cheek of it.
Anyway, 19 juicy fresh tracks for you to have a go at this week.

DJ Yoda ft Joel Culpepper – London Fields
Meatraffle – London Life
Du Blonde – Buddy
Elvis McGonagall & His Resurrectors – 31 Descriptions Of Donald Trump’s Haircut
The Flithy Tongues – The Ghost Of Rab McVie
Applicants – Hypochondriac #2
Polly Panic – Losing Form
Hands Off Gretel – S.A.S.S
Snakerattlers – Sweet Sixteen (pictured)
Sports Team – Margate
Blades Of Joy – Inside Out
Plastic Mermaids – 1996
Wolf Girl – Maths In The Real World
The Tea Street Band – Only Love
Mongrels ft Jason Williamson – Over Eggin’ It
Eli Hermit – Rats
Rift|Fault – Dusted Off And Everything
Ninna Lundberg – Way Out
Firefriend – Shut Down Your Electronic Hallucinations

Back in a fortnight.


Changes afoot here at Liar Towers. Real life has got in the way a lot lately and it’s clear we need a different approach. To that end, we’re co-opting our editor’s radio show to be a weekly round-up of what’s tickling our ears. It also gives us chance to dabble with oldies and reissues an ting. He’s been doing this for some time, so while this is episode one of Radio Lies, it’s actually his 243rd show so we’re picking up the numbering from there. Just deal with it, OK.

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