System crashed, so no recording and hence no me rambling. Instead, a mash up of the tracks.

Paws – Not Enough
Calico Vision – Neon Blood
Dog Of Man – Wedding Night Erection Failure
Fox Medicine – Comfort Pony
False Advertising – Wasted Days
Dismembered Sound Booth – Jan Leeming
David Ryder Prangley – Black Magic & True Love
Seazoo – Heading Out
Def Robot – Significance
The Bikini Bottoms – Spring Clean
Pleasure Island – The Game
The Orielles – Come Down On Jupiter
Moreofus – Games
Lick – Rebel
Yin Yin – One-Inch Punch
Anne Mueller – Nummer 2


Bit of mess this week, but managed to style it out more or less.

Midnight Divide – Say You Believe
Dispel – Modal Consequences
Elizabeth The Second – Gimme One Euro
Imperial Wax – Bromidic Thrills
Talkboy – Hollow Spheres
Sugar Horse – GakEater
Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage – LPs
Self Abuse – Blowing A Fuse
Ivory Wave – Weigh Me Down
Mush – Eat The Etiquette
Starsha Lee – Postmodern
Pulled Apart By Horses (pictured) – Is This Thing On?
Project Pablo – The Solution


Lots of great stuff as we continue the search for your next favourite band

Junky Love – Slaves
The Softone – Alone & Weird
The New Art School – The Chosen One’s
The 1865 – John Brown’s Gat
The Scaners – X-Ray Goggles: On
Ollie Trevers – Stage Of Fools
BOA – Bag Of Seeds
Martha Bean – Along The Lonely
K Michelle Dubois – Feast Or Famine
Nelson Can (pictured) – I Used To Sleep Through Everything
Sleigh Bells – Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
Kim Gordon – Air BnB
Girls In Synthesis – Arterial Movements
Sorry – Right Around The Clock
Faithful Johannes – Picking Fights
Benin City – Lord Of The Manor


Sounded like it was in mono for the first three tracks, then I found a loose connection. So apologies for variable sound quality.

Novanta – Outside Noise
Rush To Relax – Drugari
Squid – The Cleaner
Rose Elinor Dougall – Natural State
243 Ida (pictured) – High Rise
Faultress – Sanctuary
The Chap – Pea Shore
Lottery Winners – Hawaii
The Murder Capital – More Is Less
Hand & Leg – L.I.P
Allah-Las – In The Air
The Leaf Library – Hissing Waves
Paragon Cause – Save Me
Billy Nomates – No
L’Epée – On Dansait Avec Elle


Good evening

Feral Five – Ego
Guerilla Toss – Plants
Deux Furieuses – Year Of Rage
The Cold Spells – Leviathan
My Name Is Ian – Missing Again
Heavy Lungs – (A Bit Of A) Birthday
Petbrick – Coming feat. Laima Leyton
Honeycub – Waking Up
Toy – Mechanism
Caribou – Home
Prince Fatty – Get Ready feat. Big Youth and George Dekker
King Salami & The Cumberland 3 (pictured) – Bayou Fever
Uncle Buzzard – Big Cat
Andreas Kleerup – Lovers Table feat. Aluna George
Autarkic – Gewalt


New stuff from Nick Cave and a superb cover version on the agenda tonight

Cabinet Of Millionaires vs Zion Train – Stop The Coup (Pfeffel mix)
Cross Wires – How To Detox Smokers Lungs
Pet Crow – NOCD
The Death Of Pop – Last
Folwark – I’ll Teach The Fish
Tombstones In Their Eyes – Open Skies
John – Standard Haunting
Bambara – Serafina
Grade 2 – Graveyard Island
Repenter – Skeletons
Useless Cities – How To Feel
Right Hand Left Hand (pictured) – Chacabuco feat. Taliesyn Kallstrom
Jetstream Pony – Self-Destruct Reality
Big Thief – Forgotten Eyes
Nick Cave – Galleon Ship
The Autumn Stones – Duchess


More public transport woes meant I was in a rush and styled out the bugger-ups like the pro I aspire to be.

The New Art School – I’m So Beautiful
The Pull Of Autumn – Not Coming Down
Rev Rev Rev – 3 Not 3
Black Calavera – Cigarettes
7AM – Everytime
Gemini Rising – Speed Of Sound
Brudini – Pale Gold
Delta Sleep – Sofa Boy
Deathcrash – Bones
The Skints – Armageddon feat. Runkus
Benefits – Taking Us Back
BDRMM – Shame
Vile Assembly (pictured) – Propaganda
The Frixion – I Cannot Play These Games
Automatic – Too Much Money
Une – Boketto


Nearly didn’t happen tonight because trains, but we made it

Das Clamps – New Kind Of Fix
Faultress – Beating Heart (Ode To Oxytocin)
Suicide Generation – Prisoner Of Love
Solitude In Apathy – Dreaming In Silence
Malcolm Middleton – Scaffolding
Lee Scratch Perry (pictured) – Enlightened
Like A Villian – Daughters
Def Neon – Just Do It
Silent Forum – Spin
Diiv – Skin Game
Mark Morriss – All The Wrong People
Chastity Belt – Elena
Mikal Cronin – Shelter
Jungle Brown – We On feat. Sampa The Great
Faithful Johannes – Terminal Velocity
The Utopia Strong – Konta Chorus



Elizabeth The Second – No-one Cares
The Paranoyds – Carnage Bargain
Digital Resistance – Out Of Sight
Cultdreams – Not My Generation
Oh Sees – Gholü
Scalping – Chamber
Set Phasers To Scunge – Superhawk
Straight Girl (pictured) – Ugly
Autarkic – Trespassers Unite
The Telescopes – Strange Waves
Patawawa – That Guy
Brix & The Extricated – Wolves
Gruff Rhys – Bae Bae Bae
Lexytron – Couples
Emily Breeze – Ego Death
Molly Burch – Only One

Back next week


Voice is going, so less chat and more music, you lucky people

Giant Swan – 55-Year Old Daughter
Doctors Of Madness – Make It Stop!
Secret Shame – Gift
Emergency Tiara – Do Not Disturb
Modern Day Dukes – Brand Loyalty
New Model Army – End Of Days
The Chats – Identity Theft
Petbrick – Radiation Facial feat. Dylan Walker
I Drew Blank – No Promises Were Made
Bruce Soord – The Solitary Path Of A Convicted Man
Mansion Of Snakes – Concrete Money
Corlyx – Twist Like An Animal
TVAM – No Silver Bird
Greymatter – Sans Rouge
Stephen Mallinder (pictured) – Working (You Are)

Hopefully the voice will be back next week and I can bore you a bit more.


Ow do

Grey Hairs – Ghost In Your Own Life
Polarized Eyes – Zombies
Right Hand Left Hand – Prora
Ride – Repetition
The New Art School – Mod Kid
The Futureheads – Good Night Out
False Advertising – Influenza
Black Doldrums – Mae’s Desire
Dantevilles – Confession
Humanist (pictured) – English Ghosts feat. John Robb
Idles – Colossus (Tricky remix)
Carter Tutti Void – t3.5
!!! – Couldn’t Have Known
Benjamin Mason – Horsebite feat. Chloe Laing
Anni Hogan – Thunderstruck

Back next week