Put this together just in time for kick-off in the final last night, hence the optimistic inclusion of New Order at the end. Anyway….
Usual mix of great new stuff as we continue the search for your next favourite band. Highlight is probably that Boyaca one towards the end – cannot stop the head nodding to that. New stuff from Amyl & The Sniffers is not to be … err… sniffed at. Teleman return shorn of one Sanders brother, but still sounding great. Godflesh remain awesome, DZ Deathrays kick us off with a proper belter. Old chum Blokeacola has another new track out which is always welcome. Portishead cover an Abba track to exemplary standards. Streamed on Soundcloud, it’s raising money for Mind. So go get it.

DZ Deathrays – Skeleton Key
Godflesh – Playing With Fire DUB
Typhoid Rosie – Defend Your Temple
Nightwatchers – White Fathers
Trigger Cut – Solid State
Amyl & The Sniffers – Guided By Angels
Hipbone Slim & The Kneetremblers – Ain’t Got A Leg To Stand On
The Media – Blink Of An Eye
Amen Dunes (with Sleaford Mods) – Feel Nothing
Nevermen – Mr Mistake (Boards Of Canada remix)
Teleman (pictured) – Right As Rain
Blokeacola – Surf The Lonely Tide
Portishead – SOS
Chiedu Oraka – G Finger
Lonely Guest – Pre-War Tension
The Force Dimension – 200 FA
Boyoca – Bamboo Mask
New Order – World in Motion


This is rapidly becoming a fortnightly thing, this is due to life. However, when we miss a week, we’ll try to make it up to, as this week with a bumper 27 tracks.
Highlights: That new Joel Culpepper LP sounds fantastic. Tropical Fuck Storm are great. Got a couple of great new remixes for you towards the end – before finishing with a track from 8 years ago because we can. Wet Leg sounds ace, Jim Bower’s album is out soon, Faithful Johannes’s is too. You should buy it all.

Fenix e As Cinzas – Emergência
Voodoo Beach – Anders Sein
The Ziggens – Rev It Up
Granfalloon – Who You Are
Jim Bower – Manifest Destiny
Acid Dad – Searchin’
Blood Wizard – windowshopper
Turnstile – Holiday
Pure Adult – Cam Girls
Tropical Fuck Storm – G.A.F.F
Wet Leg – Chaise Longue
The Vega Bodegas – All My Fish Are Dead
Lancashire Bombers – Spinout Nuggets
Snapped Ankles – The Evidence
Lightning Bug – The Right Thing Is Hard To Do
Chihuahua – Towering Narcissus
The Frixion – I Cannot Play These Games
The Mystery Plan ft. Big Supreme – Silver Lining
Faithful Johannes – Confidences (KWOL)
Erica Nockalls ft. Jah Wobble – I Know
Joel Culpepper (pictured) – Poetic Justice
Maya Yenn – tiptoe
Juice Menace – FUPTHECLUB
Polo & Pan – Ani Kuni
Badeye vs Nature Of Wires – Hold Me Now (Nature Of Wires remix)
TVAM ft. Charlotte Spiral – Porsche Majeure (DC Gore remix)
Rex The Dog ft. Jamie Irrepressible – Do You Feel What I Feel


More of the usual for another week. We’re delighted to feature our old friends Ceiling Demons and their latest which is of the standard we’ve come to expect. We also have Demons, not resident on the ceiling so far as we can tell. The latest from Sugar Horse is possibly their best yet – we like that – while Deathretro and DEAFDEAFDEAF follow in similar fashion. And there’s a thumper from Alabama 3 in there to keep things bouncing. Dig in.

Andrew Hung – Brother
KAOUENN – Flood Of Light
The Allergies – Move On Baby
Sugar Horse – Fat Dracula
The Eternal Witness – One Percent
Demons – Play Acting Virtue
Dead Slow Hoot – Gesticulating Wildly
Monitors – Previously…
Fred Paa Jord – Bommer På Alt
Ceiling Demons (pictured) – From The Womb To The Grave
Ora Violet – Have You Met Me
Lady Di – Peanut Cup!
Deathretro – Edge Of Nothing
Alabama 3 – Whacked
Leddie MC ft. Eve Conway – Count On Me
Ilze – Monster


Trying to get back to something like regular service. Track of the week is that Baba Ali one. He’ll be supporting house favourites Yard Act on tour. BBXO, Phobophobes and Surfing Magazines are all back. Amateur Trepanning is a great name, backed up with the tunes. All is good. Dig in.

Means Of Production – We Will Bury You
Mathlovsky – Geng Geng Gang
Great Pagans – Just A Step Behind
Amateur Trepanning – Thank Ourselves For Temporary
Nishubert – Молодости не будет
King Shelter – Concrete!
W H Lung – Pearl In The Palm
Helvetia – Rocks On The Ramp
Old Tramp – The Loneliest Fool In This Town
Arab Strap – Fable Of The Urban Fox
Baba Ali – Black Wagon
BBXO ft. Reba Mangope – Accelerate
Werd n Deeko – Sorry We Were Missed
Phobophobes – I Mean It All
The Surfing Magazines – Pink Ice Cream
Soccer96 – Dopamine
Moth Effect – Hovering


Having missed yet another week because of life, here’s another bumper catch-up show.
We kick off with another track from The Problem Of Leisure, an album of Gang Of Four covers by way of tribute to the late Andy Gill. Idles do Damaged Goods and it could quite easily have been written for them. A new one from house favourites John is probably the best thing we’ve heard this year to date. The Shadracks may sound like a Billy Childish outfit, but it’s actually his son, so that explains that. The Jim Bower track sums up how we see life since early 2016. There’s all sorts of other great things in between with a particular shout to the ever-impressive Milk Bottle Sympathy who you really need to be all over.

Idles – Damaged Goods
Nightwatchers – 1905 & The Muslim Exception
Irmans – Hermano
John (pictured) – A Song For Those Who Speed In Built-Up Areas
Part Chimp – Drool
The Shadracks – You Can’t Lose
Broken Baby – Madonna’s A Dick
Amusement Parks On Fire – Old Salt
La Fleur Fatale – Skydancer
Tennis System – Autophobia
James Leonard Hewitson – Temporary Values
Blokeacola – Slow & Steady
Jim Bower – When David Bowie Died
Jef Maarawi – Terra Papagalli
Milk Bottle Sympathy – Disco Johny
Leda – Marocco Speed
Samh – Keeping Waves
Public Service Broadcasting – People, Let’s Dance
PPJ – Txu Txu
Buscemi feat. Yves Gaillard & Steve Kashala – Taxi Driver
Shakk – Living Proof
Nat Lyon – Tiger Up And Down
I Like Trains – Prism (JAB remix)
Odd Nosdam – Merino
Field Kit – Don’t


Missed another week because of life, so another bumper selection to compensate.
So much goodness in here it’s difficult to pick out highlights. Some new old stock from house favourites Benefits, Herbert Groenemeyer with a Gang Of Four cover from a forthcoming compilation by way of tribute to Andy Gill, a new Stranglers record we actually like, one off the new EP from Murderers which we’ve been very much looking forward to, a selection of home-grown rap from the West Midlands, Scotland and Yorkshire… It’s all good, it’s all fresh. Tuck in.

Suzi Moon – I’m Not A Man
Kid Congo Powers – I Made You A Clown
Stephen EvEns – I Hate Shop
Horsemeat – Rusted
Cherym – Listening To My Head
Benefits – Rats
The C33s – Benzodiac
Mad Daddy – Ride With Me
Monitors – The Drill
Herbert Groenemeyer – I Love A Man In Uniform (ft. Alex Silva & Gang of Four)
The Stranglers – And If You Should See Dave…
Jim Bower – Shut Up About Your Girlfriend
Andrew Hung – Wave
Def Robot – Kill Bill
Murderers – Man Made
Seasurfer – Pretend
Inferior Complex – Believe In Me
The Creature Comfort – And You Know It
Django Django – Kick The Devil Out
Lonelady – (There Is) No Logic
The New Consistent (pictured) – All That We’ve Got
Kryptik – You Want It
Conscious Route – Father & Son
Chiedu Oraka – Ave Life
Tokky Horror – Sleeper


360 episodes, we’ve come full circle.
Bumper episode seeing as we missed last week with impromptu bank holiday Other Things Going On. We kick off in the north-east with Jister and Benefits each with their own slice of frustration at The Absolute State Of Things. Another one of the very excellent Dry Cleaning LP and there’s a second EP from Milk Bottle Sympathy. Blokeacola continues to fill our inbox with new tunes and we’re more than happy to receive them. There’s a Specials cover from our favourites Yard Act (their EP arrived here last week and it’s mint and you should buy it). Lou Barlow has new stuff out and the closing two tracks are the big highlights. Lucid Dream and Sons Of Kemet both have LPs coming out that we’re sure will feature in the end of year round-ups. Should do anyway.

Jister – Normal Island
Benefits – We See You
Dry Cleaning – Scratchcard Lanyard
Do Nothing – Uber Alles
Milk Bottle Sympathy – 21st Century Dads
Blokeacola – Mango Insane
Black Ink Stain – I See You Dead
JARS – Самый лучший фестиваль (The Best Festival)
Yard Act – Gangsters
The JoJo Man Band – Zombie
The Charm Offenders – Scrapes
Madisyn Whajne – Save My Heart
Cozy Slippers – When Will When Come?
Flight Attendant – Paradise
Mr Shiraz – Snow Queens
Chubby and The Gang – Lightning Don’t Strike Twice
Roxy Girls – Like A Buoy
Lou Barlow – Love Intervene
The Chills – Monolith
Last Tourist – Cave In The Hills
LongDistanceDan – Funky Fresh
Perdurabo – Unleash The Revolution
Sons Of Kemet – To Never Forget The Source
The Lucid Dream (pictured) – CHI-03


7-year olds are taking over the world. And here to prove it are Black Salmon and stone cold fuzz rock-out Chihuahua Power. That is great.
Other highlights include the new Working Men’s Club b-side, the return – as a three-piece – of The Bikini Bottoms, a cover version of Chris Isaak from Bigflower before we chill out with Graywave and Forest Robots.

Ski Lift – Portal
Shader – Runaway
Black Salmon – Chihuahua Power
The Shed Project – Feel My Love
The Bikini Bottoms – Monster Love
Luke Haines – Ex-Stasi Spy
Fightmilk – Hey Annabelle!
Lenu – Vulnerable
The Go! Team – World Remember Me Now
Faithful Johannes – Celebrate Everything
Honshu Wolves – Goddess
Gary Numan – Saints And Liars
Working Men’s Club – Y?
Bigflower – Wicked
Graywave – Like Heaven
Maud – Nobody
Forest Robots – In The Climb, Not The Summit, Lies The Most Wisdom


Lots going on this week. Main thing this week is that Italia 90 track which is bloody marvellous. That one from The Broken Orchestra and Joe Hakim is damn fine too. Hartnoll and Young speak for us all, Wyatt Riot have a message for us all ahead of the local elections.
We open up with Mad Daddy from the musically-underrepresented Isle of Man. Our pal Samh recorded his track in the countryside round here in Huddersfield so that’s genuine bird song you can hear on that. Adam Walton has a new EP out and we’ve got two tracks off that because we couldn’t pick just one. There’s an old one from The Nightingales because they’re debut LP has had a reissue. Their new single has a cover of Use Your Loaf on it too. You should probably buy both, and watch King Rocker while you’re about it.
Everything else is great too, so dive in as we continue the search for your next favourite band.

Mad Daddy – Give It To Me
Italia 90 (pictured) – Borderline
Warmduscher – Tainted Lunch
M(h)aol – Asking For It
Monitors – Bloody Mary
Still Corners – It’s Voodoo
Transviolet – Drugs In California
The Pastel Waves – Starts Right Here
Frauds – Money Honey
Kavanagh – Citizen 202
Du Blonde – Pull The Plug
The Nightingales – Use Your Loaf
Adam Walton – The Hills Will Hold You Now
Lady Dan – I Am The Prophet
Samh – Lazy Spring
The Broken Orchestra ft. Joe Hakim – Play To The Gallery
Hartnoll & Young – I Need A Haircut
Wyatt Riot – Don’t Vote Tory (Sir Robert Orange Peel remix ft John D Revelator)
Adam Walton – You Can’t Answer To Some Sort Of Authority That You Don’t Even Know Who They Are


Having relocated to a new House of Lies over the last couple of weeks, we are back with a bumper 21 tracks as we attempt to clear out the backlog that grew while we were off.
Main thing this week is new Working Men’s Club. The first album was a belter and whenever a new one emerges, it looks set to be a must-have on the basis of X. Other highlights are new Beak> and The Surfing Magazines. Milk Bottle Sympathy deserve your ears, there’s a new one from the highly-rated Murderers and old friends Eli Hermit and Faithful Johannes are back. Everything here is excellent so give yourself a treat.

Space Cadet – Start Running Away
The Routes – Broken Goods
Suzi Moon – Special Place In Hell
Gabe Is A Unit – Stressful Evening
Dry Cleaning – New Long Leg
The Surfing Magazines – Sports Bar
Milk Bottle Sympathy – Critical Blinking
Shade – Jump Into Heaven
Harker – Adulthood
Laundromat – Milky
Blokeacola – Canopy
Murderers – Save Yourself
James P Honey – I Want To Kill Bill Callahan
Eli Hermit – Sick
Faithful Johannes – Rearrange The Rearranged
LV – Ancestors
Chiedu Oraka – Foot Off The Gas
Tennis System – Truth Hurts
Beak> – Oh Know
Working Men’s Club (pictured) – X
Gazelle Twin – The Well


Double mirror ball references this week and 13-year old Alex Spencer embarrasses us all by being that good that young. We’re very much on board with new Home Counties and Blanketman’s suggestion to leave the south. William Doyle is back, this time not as East India Youth. There is an inherent problem with having the word youth in your band name and there’s an essay to be had about that for anyone who has the time. We mean you, Thurston Moore. Digression….
Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke has a new long player out which is very good and this week we have two neo-classical pieces to close us out. Really getting into that vibe.

Ohmme – We Human
Alex Spencer (pictured) – Things Just Come And Go
Knoxville Girls – That’s Alright With Me
Frau Blucher & The Drunken Horses – Smile… And Shut Your Mouth
Fightmilk – Overbite
The Catenary Wires – Mirrorball
Home Counties – White Shirt/Clean Shirt
Blanketman – Leave The South
Play Dead – Shaun
Terminal – Deadline
X-Ray Ted – Mirror Ballin’
Dope Sagittarius – Define Love
William Doyle – Nothing At All
Mt. Mountain – Two Minds
Kele – The Heart Of The Wave
Reza Safinia – Within
Christine Ott – Landscape

Probably going to have a couple of weeks off because, y’know, life. Back soon.