Bum. The recording of this episode failed. Instead, I’ve mangled the tracks together in some sort of playlist form, but you don’t get me wittering between the tracks. You may prefer that. If so, keep it to yourself.
So while you do miss those nuggets of information about how stupidly talented Samh is and where his EP launch is or how stunningly retro that Paranoid London track is, but you all know how to use a search engine, so do some bloody work yourself, yeah?

Samh – We Are Not Physical
The Eyelids – You Make Me A Zombie
Para Lia – Hawk Hill
High Hazels – Slow Dancers
Supermarket Police – Dickhead Express
The Wedding Present (pictured) – Jump In, The Water’s Fine
Fontaines D.C – Sha Sha Sha
Gang Of Four – Ivanka: My Name’s On It
East Of My Youth – By Blue
Pearl City – Taste Me
Von Spar – Extend The Song (feat. Laetitia Sadier)
Humanist – Ring Of Truth (feat. Carl Hancox Rux)
808 State – Tokyo Tokyo
Paranoid London – (Vi-Vi) Vicious Games (feat. Josh Caffe)
Plaid – Dancers

Hopefully normal service resumed in a week



Got the timing bang on this week, for the first time in living memory.

Alex Tune – Forecast Rain
Yip Man – Suffer More
The St Pierre Snake Invasion – Braindead
Pixies – On Graveyard Hill
We Melt Chocolate – Everjoy
Lupers – Lorena Bobbitt
Star Rover – Here We Go Again
Peak – Blind Eye
The Yawpers – Child Of Mercy
The Scaners – Please Abduct Me
Plastic Mermaids – Taxonomy
Nick Ellis – Blue Summer
Black Dresses – Wiggle 2019
Odd Nosdam (pictured) – Mirrors II

Having a well-earned holiday next week. Back in a fortnight.


What ho

Michael O’Neill – One Rule
Arrest! Charlie Tipper – Freedom Of Speech
Christian Fitness – Real Tennis
Skinnyboy Tunes – Had Too Much To Think
Rude Audio – Repeat Offender
La Forme – The Same Moon
Red Telephone – Day Off
Junky Love – Nowhere To Go
John MOuse – There’s A Hole In My Heart (An Area The Size Of Wales)
Klammer (pictured) – Being Boiled
Roxy Girls – Trials & Tribulations
Sweet Benfica – Blood Vibrations
Personal Trainer – The Lazer
The Woods – Night Silk Thread
Where We Sleep – Into The Light
ZoZo – Yahoo Man

More next week? You want more?? OK then, you’ve talked me into it.


Good evening

Akiva – Broken Ship
Imperial Wax – The Art Of Projection
Squiggles – Bend Becomes Break
Pinch Points – Spelt Out
Metz – Pure Auto
John (pictured) – Future Thinker
ZoZo – Xxtra Slim
Uranium Club – Flashback Arrestor
Drahla – Gilded Cloud
Black Flies – Kaleidoscope
Knuckle – Oh Mother
The Illicits – In What World
Talkboy – Wasting Time
Pylon Reenactment Society – Messenger
The Comet Is Coming – Summon The Fire
Steve Cobby – Scattered To The Four Winds

Another (!) bank holiday next week, so another week off. See you in a fortnight.


Hello again. Miss me?

One Eyed Wayne – Attack Of The Luxury Flats
Ukepunk – Blame The Parents
Johny Nocash – You Know The Score
Idles – Mercedes Marxist
Trigger Cut – Hellcat Bob
Flesh Tetris – Rabbit
Club Kuru – By The Windowpane
Projector – Go Ahead
Slowness – Berlin
Wreckless Eric – Father To The Man
King Zepha (pictured) – The Mother Of All Hangovers
Jamie Lenman – Killer
Ashinoa – Oma Gamara
Krokakai – Bodhran Beat
Kelly Lee Owens – Let It Go


Enjoy your long weekend? Good. Now get back to it.

Ggallan Partridge – Eyesore
Mangoseed – Still Believe
Richard James Simpson – Know
The Meeting Places – You & I
Pinch Points – Shibboleth
The Noise & The Naive – 10,000 Men
Janos – Zero
Frauds (pictured) – Canada Goose Step
Life – Moral Fibre
Falling Stacks – Standing Leg
Schande – Clearly You Do
The Sheratons – Part Of A Picture
Beak> – Life Goes On
Straight Girl – Look At Me
Deadly Avenger – Myuki My Love
Void Vertex – Sadie Code

Another long weekend next week, so I’ll see you in a fortnight


Went quite smoothly today, despite some new technology.

Pleûm – Dieu Est Morte, Vive La Télé
Skint & Demoralised (pictured) – Boro Kitchen 4am
Dead Arms – Apocalypse Yow
The St Pierre Snake Invasion – Casanovocaine
R.O.C – Think Again
The Bordellos – Bagpuss
Where We Sleep – The Desert
Junaco – Willow
Marty Willson-Piper – Forget The Radio
Kenny Roby & 6 String Drag – Gasoline Maybelline
You Will Flood The River – Amsterdam
Teleman – Family Of Aliens (Ghost Culture remix)
Midwich Youth Club – Has Motorik Been Overdone?
Membranes – A Strange Perfume
De Staat – Kitty Kitty
The Physics House Band – Death Sequence III feat. Stewart Lee

Bank Holiday next week and even radio DJs get the day off. Back in a fortnight.


Little interference at times this week, but no major bugger-ups. Tuck in.

Knuckle (pictured) – Spilt Milk
The Brainiac 5 – What We Can
Mush – Litvinenko
Sly Antics – Reality
Avalanche Party – Porcelain
Feral Five – Shake It
Big & The Fat – My Thang
Sugar Horse – Druj
Woahnows – Skin Peels
Teeth Of The Sea – I’d Rather, Jack
Malibu Ken – Acid King
Jabru – Egress feat. Josh Idehen
Hugh – Sober feat. Amaroun
Ummagma – Caravan
Patawawa – All The Time
Cabinet Of Millionaires – Theresa (Danny Styles remix)


At the end of last week’s show, we said goodbye to Scott Walker. The the following day came the sad new that Ranking Roger passed away. So that’s where we start.

The Beat – Stand Down Margaret
The Chats – Pub Feed
The Franklys – Illusions
Hunter-Gatherer – Head Down
Hotel Lux – English Disease
Alice Tambourine Lover – Blow Away
The Artisans – A Week Of Wednesdays
Sweetness – Pretty
What We Call Progress – Don’t Stop, Meteorite
Brudini – Reflections
Ian McNabb – Our Future In Space
Japan Suicide – One Day The Black Will Swallow The Red
Gang Of Four – Change The Locks
Physics House Band – Death Sequence I
Lucky & Love – Soul Alive
Fold – We’re The Ones feat Potent Whisper


New stuff from old acts, new stuff from new acts and we bid farewell to a legend.

Zefur Wolves – Flying High
Fews – More Than Ever
Russ Tolman – Kid
Teenage Fanclub – Everything Is Falling Apart
Edwyn Collins – Outside
Sports Team – M5
Swine Tax – I’d Like
The Claim – Not So Simple Sharon Says
Crows – Wednesday’s Child
KH – Only Human
Ingrid Witt – Inside
Cobby & Oraka – Door Down
Kit Sebastian – Mantra Moderne
Big|Brave – Sound
Scott Walker – Duchess


Well that’s flippin’ annoying. The show didn’t record – the system crashed part way through the broadcast – so you’re missing your usual podcast. Here’s what I played though, with links.
EDIT: What I have done is merge all the tracks into some sort of playlist without me rabbiting in between. You might prefer it. If so, keep it to yourself.

John Dredge & The Plinth – Pancake Day
Clinic – Rubber Bullets
Louise Distras – Street Revolution
The Sly Persuaders – Sensational
The Creature Comforts – Life’s A Crime
Guide Dog – Generation Y
Charlotte Adigéry – High Lights
Stella Donnelly – Old Man
Talk Like Tigers – Fruit
Richard Hawley – Off My Mind
Vukovar – Voices/Seers/Voices
Faithful Johannes – Ides Of March (pictured)
Epic Beard Men – Hedges
Flamingods – Paradise Drive
The Noise & The Naive – Seek Solace
P.U.T – Nothing

Hopefully normal service shall be resumed next week.