We were saddened to hear of the death of Stranglers keyboardist Dave Greenfield this week. The band hold a special place in the heart of us all here – indeed, it won’t be too long into a conversation before the editor will let on that they were the first band he saw live. Post-punk before punk even had a post, a lot of that was down to those keys from Greenfield and especially in conjunction with JJ Burnel’s bass.
As is traditional on such occasions, we’ve put together a C60 Spotify playlist. This is key-heavy Stranglers stuff and the 2010 Fire & Water LP Burnel and Greenfield put together and deserves a wider audience.

Turn your crossfade on and whack it up to 12 seconds for the full effect.



Actually, it’s more of a C90…

And the reason for that ought to be obvious. Andrew Weatherall was a musical polymath and had fingers in so many pies and made so much that was important to us here – or influenced others or remixed others that were or are important to us – that to boil it down to an hour would have been impossible.

No, this isn’t an exhaustive mix. You could do a playlist a couple of days long and only scratch the surface. But if it gives anyone even a hint of how important the man was, then it’s job done.

Andrew Weatherall, the absolute don. Go well, sir.