It’s new HMHB album time, let us all rejoice. We went to see them recently and you’ll be pleased to know that everything you require is still there.
The track here from Wax-Tree-Cast isn’t too current – came out at the back end of last year – but they’re new to us, we like their sound, so it’s in. And they’re relatively local to us, so that’s always a bonus. And all the rest is great too, starting with new Bloc Party material and ending with the always excellent Sir Robert Orange Peel. Have at it.

Half Man Half Biscuit – Rogation Sunday’s Here Again!
Bloc Party – Traps
Laundromat – Combo
Pinch Points – Am I OK?
Petrol Girls – Baby, I Had An Abortion
Gloria – Anymore
Cheerbleederz – Cute As Hell
Wax-Tree-Cast – Run!
Fontaines DC – I Love You
Kælan Mikla – Svört Augu
GNOD – Bad Apple
Der Mann – Rock n Roll n Sozialstaat
Sparkling – Not The Right Place
Defset – All The Room And No Space
Baba Ali – Black + Blue
Dog Unit – Turn Right And Right Again
John Paul – Dolls House
Dälek – Decimation (Dis Nation)
Sir Robert Orange Peel – Youbutteo