So much to get through this time. From new albums received this week, we have a track from everybody’s current favourites Yard Act. We’re happy to have been on this train from the beginning and it’s great to see them so well received. It’s well earned. We’ve been fans of Fold for a long time too and their much-delayed (vinyl pressing issues) album Aphelion arrived this week. A tribute to the playwright Lorraine Hansberry, it follows the Fold pattern of sound clips over the tunes and works to perfection. Fold’s Seth Moshowitz has also teamed up with fellow Leeds-based emigrĂ© Komla MC for a collaborative project which sounds pretty good to us. And there’s a new album from Fontaines DC which everybody will be raving about before too long. Also on the collaboration train are part of Yard Act and members of the now ex-outfit Hookworms under the moniker Holodrum. Top notch.
Elsewhere, we have new ones from The Wave Pictures with a nice Northern Soul type hook to draw you in, Baba Ali – touring with Yard Act and signed to their label – Vukovar, Arab Strap, Teleman drummer Hiro Ama with a solo project. So much goodness for your ears. Dive in.

Fontaines DC – Jackie Down The Line
Peaness – How I’m Feeling
Reminders – Carousel
Winachi – Characters
Yard Act – Quarantine The Sticks
Richard James Simpson – We’re In The Wolf’s Mouth
Arab Strap – Aphelion
Surprise Chef – The Positive And The Negative
The C33s – Better Luck Next Time, Soul Seeker!
The Wave Pictures – Flight From Destruction
Lotte Kestner – Open Ocean
Vukovar & Max EMRG – The Sheltering Sky
Black Flower – O Fogo
Holodrum – Free Advice
Yarni – Orgone
Hiro Ama – Free Soul
Fold (pictured) – Insurgent Mood
Post Coal Prom Queen feat. Conscious Route – Dragons Jaw
BBXO feat. Reba Mangope – Berlin Heart
Komla MC vs Fold – Victoria Falls
Baba Ali – Living It Up