Back to it. Soup! are new to us and sound pretty darn good. Pencil that in for your end-of-year lists which, yes, we’re already talking about. See also that collaboration between Kid Kapichi – whose LP This Time Next Year which totally passed us by last year – and Bob Vylan. Terrific stuff. Warmduscher’s new album is due soon, so we’ve another track from that while old favourites Faithful Johannes, Whirling Hall Of Knives and Boobs Of Doom all have new ones out to ease you into another January. Dive in.

Jim Bower – Starting Tomorrow
Smashing Red – Smashed
The Total Rejection – Paul’s Eye, John’s Teeth
Herzegovina – Emergency
Soup! – The Acrobat
Warmduscher – Fatso
Sea Power – Green Goddess
The Sexy Wild East – Let The Good Times Roll
Ashinoa – Disguised In Orbit
Digital Resistance – Duty
Kid Kapichi (pictured) ft. Bob Vylan – New England
Kevin Beacham x Odd Nosdam – What Remains… (Sum Of Inspiration)
Faithful Johannes – Head Down
Nosdam + Rayon – From Nowhere To North
Whirling Hall Of Knives – Xyllindric
Boobs Of Doom – Halama’umu’u
Fila Brazillia – Apollyon