Back to something like normal now, so very much your regular sort of selection this week. The route takes you from a collaboration between Limiñanas and Laurent Garnier through to Disclosure taking in all points in between. Baba Ali has quickly become a favourite round these parts, Icelanders Skrattar are new to us but we like the sound. Old favourites Swine Tax and Dream Nails are back with new stuff and just dig in and try and find something you like eh?

Limiñanas/Garnier – Saul
Idol State – Gripping At The Handrails
Skrattar (pictured) – Trouble
Baba Ali – Nuclear Family
Cassels – Mr Henderson’s Cough
Swine Tax – Kestrel Of Sticking Dreams
Dream Nails – They/Them
False Advertising – Personal Space
Du Blonde – Radio Jesus
Alice Tambourine Lover – Forse Non Sei Tu
Slow Crush – Lull
Papur Wal – When He’s Gone
Surprise Chef – New Ferrari (Harvey Sutherland’s Weird Flex)
Conscious Route & True Note – Proper Gander
Tush – Chrysalis
Boyoca – He’s A Fool
Disclosure – Another Level

Off next week. Back after a wee break.