Hello again. Been a while, you’re looking well.
What happened was this. Last time I tried putting something together, the office computer smelled of burning. It’s dead now. But I’m back on the horse with a new machine, so we can get to it again. And so we have a bumper issue this week, catching up on all the stuff that’s been clogging up my inbox since last time out. Next time, the twitter DMs and favourites and all that.
Anyhoo… We kick off with new stuff from Johnny Marr, who we went to see at Leeds Uni a couple of weeks back and was great. Other highlights include a slice off the forthcoming new long-player from house favourites Fold, a terrific one from JOHN who we love, and a triple of tracks by and featuring Conscious Route. There’s a bit of light relief from Mr B and we close off with one from The Godfather, Steve Cobby.

Johnny Marr – Spirit, Power And Soul
Sea Fever – Crossed Wires
JOHN – Šibensko Powerhouse
Christian Fitness – How Do You Schlep?
The Parasocials – The Fall
Yard Act – Human Sacrifice (live at Brudenell Social Club)
Adult DVD – Hoarder
bdrmm – Port
BEAK> – Oh Know
Blokeacola – The Confidence Of Ignorance
Jim Bower – All You Need Is Time
Absolutely Free – Interface
Me Lost Me – Acrobat On The Roof
ROMO – The Final Movement To The Silhouette
Fold – Total Identification
Alex Tronic – Dub Vagrant (ft Conscious Route)
Post Coal Prom Queen – Dragon’s Jaw (ft Conscious Route)
Conscious Route – Oblique Oppression
Figure Of Speech – Get Over It
Faithful Johannes – Write It As Fiction
Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer – Captain Twerp
STOCKSNSKINS – Control Alt Delete
Deadly Avenger – I Am Godzilla, You Are Japan
emanative – The Inner Unity Of The Opposites
Y Bülbül – Aspiration Nation
Steve Cobby – Saddlebags

Hopefully we can get back to something like regular now.