This is rapidly becoming a fortnightly thing, this is due to life. However, when we miss a week, we’ll try to make it up to, as this week with a bumper 27 tracks.
Highlights: That new Joel Culpepper LP sounds fantastic. Tropical Fuck Storm are great. Got a couple of great new remixes for you towards the end – before finishing with a track from 8 years ago because we can. Wet Leg sounds ace, Jim Bower’s album is out soon, Faithful Johannes’s is too. You should buy it all.

Fenix e As Cinzas – Emergência
Voodoo Beach – Anders Sein
The Ziggens – Rev It Up
Granfalloon – Who You Are
Jim Bower – Manifest Destiny
Acid Dad – Searchin’
Blood Wizard – windowshopper
Turnstile – Holiday
Pure Adult – Cam Girls
Tropical Fuck Storm – G.A.F.F
Wet Leg – Chaise Longue
The Vega Bodegas – All My Fish Are Dead
Lancashire Bombers – Spinout Nuggets
Snapped Ankles – The Evidence
Lightning Bug – The Right Thing Is Hard To Do
Chihuahua – Towering Narcissus
The Frixion – I Cannot Play These Games
The Mystery Plan ft. Big Supreme – Silver Lining
Faithful Johannes – Confidences (KWOL)
Erica Nockalls ft. Jah Wobble – I Know
Joel Culpepper (pictured) – Poetic Justice
Maya Yenn – tiptoe
Juice Menace – FUPTHECLUB
Polo & Pan – Ani Kuni
Badeye vs Nature Of Wires – Hold Me Now (Nature Of Wires remix)
TVAM ft. Charlotte Spiral – Porsche Majeure (DC Gore remix)
Rex The Dog ft. Jamie Irrepressible – Do You Feel What I Feel