More of the usual for another week. We’re delighted to feature our old friends Ceiling Demons and their latest which is of the standard we’ve come to expect. We also have Demons, not resident on the ceiling so far as we can tell. The latest from Sugar Horse is possibly their best yet – we like that – while Deathretro and DEAFDEAFDEAF follow in similar fashion. And there’s a thumper from Alabama 3 in there to keep things bouncing. Dig in.

Andrew Hung – Brother
KAOUENN – Flood Of Light
The Allergies – Move On Baby
Sugar Horse – Fat Dracula
The Eternal Witness – One Percent
Demons – Play Acting Virtue
Dead Slow Hoot – Gesticulating Wildly
Monitors – Previously…
Fred Paa Jord – Bommer På Alt
Ceiling Demons (pictured) – From The Womb To The Grave
Ora Violet – Have You Met Me
Lady Di – Peanut Cup!
Deathretro – Edge Of Nothing
Alabama 3 – Whacked
Leddie MC ft. Eve Conway – Count On Me
Ilze – Monster