Having missed yet another week because of life, here’s another bumper catch-up show.
We kick off with another track from The Problem Of Leisure, an album of Gang Of Four covers by way of tribute to the late Andy Gill. Idles do Damaged Goods and it could quite easily have been written for them. A new one from house favourites John is probably the best thing we’ve heard this year to date. The Shadracks may sound like a Billy Childish outfit, but it’s actually his son, so that explains that. The Jim Bower track sums up how we see life since early 2016. There’s all sorts of other great things in between with a particular shout to the ever-impressive Milk Bottle Sympathy who you really need to be all over.

Idles – Damaged Goods
Nightwatchers – 1905 & The Muslim Exception
Irmans – Hermano
John (pictured) – A Song For Those Who Speed In Built-Up Areas
Part Chimp – Drool
The Shadracks – You Can’t Lose
Broken Baby – Madonna’s A Dick
Amusement Parks On Fire – Old Salt
La Fleur Fatale – Skydancer
Tennis System – Autophobia
James Leonard Hewitson – Temporary Values
Blokeacola – Slow & Steady
Jim Bower – When David Bowie Died
Jef Maarawi – Terra Papagalli
Milk Bottle Sympathy – Disco Johny
Leda – Marocco Speed
Samh – Keeping Waves
Public Service Broadcasting – People, Let’s Dance
PPJ – Txu Txu
Buscemi feat. Yves Gaillard & Steve Kashala – Taxi Driver
Shakk – Living Proof
Nat Lyon – Tiger Up And Down
I Like Trains – Prism (JAB remix)
Odd Nosdam – Merino
Field Kit – Don’t