360 episodes, we’ve come full circle.
Bumper episode seeing as we missed last week with impromptu bank holiday Other Things Going On. We kick off in the north-east with Jister and Benefits each with their own slice of frustration at The Absolute State Of Things. Another one of the very excellent Dry Cleaning LP and there’s a second EP from Milk Bottle Sympathy. Blokeacola continues to fill our inbox with new tunes and we’re more than happy to receive them. There’s a Specials cover from our favourites Yard Act (their EP arrived here last week and it’s mint and you should buy it). Lou Barlow has new stuff out and the closing two tracks are the big highlights. Lucid Dream and Sons Of Kemet both have LPs coming out that we’re sure will feature in the end of year round-ups. Should do anyway.

Jister – Normal Island
Benefits – We See You
Dry Cleaning – Scratchcard Lanyard
Do Nothing – Uber Alles
Milk Bottle Sympathy – 21st Century Dads
Blokeacola – Mango Insane
Black Ink Stain – I See You Dead
JARS – Самый лучший фестиваль (The Best Festival)
Yard Act – Gangsters
The JoJo Man Band – Zombie
The Charm Offenders – Scrapes
Madisyn Whajne – Save My Heart
Cozy Slippers – When Will When Come?
Flight Attendant – Paradise
Mr Shiraz – Snow Queens
Chubby and The Gang – Lightning Don’t Strike Twice
Roxy Girls – Like A Buoy
Lou Barlow – Love Intervene
The Chills – Monolith
Last Tourist – Cave In The Hills
LongDistanceDan – Funky Fresh
Perdurabo – Unleash The Revolution
Sons Of Kemet – To Never Forget The Source
The Lucid Dream (pictured) – CHI-03