7-year olds are taking over the world. And here to prove it are Black Salmon and stone cold fuzz rock-out Chihuahua Power. That is great.
Other highlights include the new Working Men’s Club b-side, the return – as a three-piece – of The Bikini Bottoms, a cover version of Chris Isaak from Bigflower before we chill out with Graywave and Forest Robots.

Ski Lift – Portal
Shader – Runaway
Black Salmon – Chihuahua Power
The Shed Project – Feel My Love
The Bikini Bottoms – Monster Love
Luke Haines – Ex-Stasi Spy
Fightmilk – Hey Annabelle!
Lenu – Vulnerable
The Go! Team – World Remember Me Now
Faithful Johannes – Celebrate Everything
Honshu Wolves – Goddess
Gary Numan – Saints And Liars
Working Men’s Club – Y?
Bigflower – Wicked
Graywave – Like Heaven
Maud – Nobody
Forest Robots – In The Climb, Not The Summit, Lies The Most Wisdom