Lots going on this week. Main thing this week is that Italia 90 track which is bloody marvellous. That one from The Broken Orchestra and Joe Hakim is damn fine too. Hartnoll and Young speak for us all, Wyatt Riot have a message for us all ahead of the local elections.
We open up with Mad Daddy from the musically-underrepresented Isle of Man. Our pal Samh recorded his track in the countryside round here in Huddersfield so that’s genuine bird song you can hear on that. Adam Walton has a new EP out and we’ve got two tracks off that because we couldn’t pick just one. There’s an old one from The Nightingales because they’re debut LP has had a reissue. Their new single has a cover of Use Your Loaf on it too. You should probably buy both, and watch King Rocker while you’re about it.
Everything else is great too, so dive in as we continue the search for your next favourite band.

Mad Daddy – Give It To Me
Italia 90 (pictured) – Borderline
Warmduscher – Tainted Lunch
M(h)aol – Asking For It
Monitors – Bloody Mary
Still Corners – It’s Voodoo
Transviolet – Drugs In California
The Pastel Waves – Starts Right Here
Frauds – Money Honey
Kavanagh – Citizen 202
Du Blonde – Pull The Plug
The Nightingales – Use Your Loaf
Adam Walton – The Hills Will Hold You Now
Lady Dan – I Am The Prophet
Samh – Lazy Spring
The Broken Orchestra ft. Joe Hakim – Play To The Gallery
Hartnoll & Young – I Need A Haircut
Wyatt Riot – Don’t Vote Tory (Sir Robert Orange Peel remix ft John D Revelator)
Adam Walton – You Can’t Answer To Some Sort Of Authority That You Don’t Even Know Who They Are