Having relocated to a new House of Lies over the last couple of weeks, we are back with a bumper 21 tracks as we attempt to clear out the backlog that grew while we were off.
Main thing this week is new Working Men’s Club. The first album was a belter and whenever a new one emerges, it looks set to be a must-have on the basis of X. Other highlights are new Beak> and The Surfing Magazines. Milk Bottle Sympathy deserve your ears, there’s a new one from the highly-rated Murderers and old friends Eli Hermit and Faithful Johannes are back. Everything here is excellent so give yourself a treat.

Space Cadet – Start Running Away
The Routes – Broken Goods
Suzi Moon – Special Place In Hell
Gabe Is A Unit – Stressful Evening
Dry Cleaning – New Long Leg
The Surfing Magazines – Sports Bar
Milk Bottle Sympathy – Critical Blinking
Shade – Jump Into Heaven
Harker – Adulthood
Laundromat – Milky
Blokeacola – Canopy
Murderers – Save Yourself
James P Honey – I Want To Kill Bill Callahan
Eli Hermit – Sick
Faithful Johannes – Rearrange The Rearranged
LV – Ancestors
Chiedu Oraka – Foot Off The Gas
Tennis System – Truth Hurts
Beak> – Oh Know
Working Men’s Club (pictured) – X
Gazelle Twin – The Well