Double mirror ball references this week and 13-year old Alex Spencer embarrasses us all by being that good that young. We’re very much on board with new Home Counties and Blanketman’s suggestion to leave the south. William Doyle is back, this time not as East India Youth. There is an inherent problem with having the word youth in your band name and there’s an essay to be had about that for anyone who has the time. We mean you, Thurston Moore. Digression….
Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke has a new long player out which is very good and this week we have two neo-classical pieces to close us out. Really getting into that vibe.

Ohmme – We Human
Alex Spencer (pictured) – Things Just Come And Go
Knoxville Girls – That’s Alright With Me
Frau Blucher & The Drunken Horses – Smile… And Shut Your Mouth
Fightmilk – Overbite
The Catenary Wires – Mirrorball
Home Counties – White Shirt/Clean Shirt
Blanketman – Leave The South
Play Dead – Shaun
Terminal – Deadline
X-Ray Ted – Mirror Ballin’
Dope Sagittarius – Define Love
William Doyle – Nothing At All
Mt. Mountain – Two Minds
Kele – The Heart Of The Wave
Reza Safinia – Within
Christine Ott – Landscape

Probably going to have a couple of weeks off because, y’know, life. Back soon.