Highlights this week: All of it. New one from Vukovar, from friend of the show Paul Foster in his Night Programme guise. A remix of Pariis Opera House which hasn’t seen light of day before. And following from last week’s neo-classical stuff, some more of that kind of thing, this time from Neil Cowley.

Fresh – Girl Clout
The Heat Inc. – Raptors
Rundown Kreeps – Held Down
The Lotts – Out Of it
ZoZo Ginsberg – Filthy Morning
Total Wkts – Odermatt
Lazy Queen – Bid Geal
Trigger Cut – YESSSS Brother
Gabe Is A Unit – Dinas Vawr
Inner Terrestrials – The Enemy Within
William The Conqueror – Move On
Vukovar – When Rome Falls
Pariis Opera House (pictured) – Dragndrop (Club mix)
The Workday Release – Say A Lot With Light
League Of Lights – Modern Living
The Night Programme – Boredom Shop
Neil Cowley – She Lives In Golden Sands