We open this week with a polished version of a shed-based noodle from the estimable Boothby Graffoe, originally made in lockdown (remember them? Oh) and now available to purchase as a single. And you should. We also fucking hate banana bread.
We work through to some neo-classical from Rutger Hoedemaekers who had been working with the late Johann Johannsson, an artist through whom we got into that kind of thing, and you can really pick up the cues there. In between, Blokeacola, Faithful Johannes and Sir Robert Orange Peel continue to make innovative stuff and we’re indebted for their emails this week alerting us to new material. The latter has a new LP out soon, we’ve had a cheeky preview and we’re fully on board with it.
We’ve got Chiedu Oraka and Leddie MC from up here in the frozen north, a big hello to Eli Hermit who we love. And friend of the show Rob Crisp, in his Rib Corps guise, has some timely advice for us all. It’s been tough, we’re getting there. Just hang on in there.

Boothby Graffoe – #TFAYCD
The Trudy – Dear Sancho
The Gary – Info
The Gold Needles – What’s Tomorrow Ever Done For You?
Unschooling – Social Chameleon
Blokeacola – Laser Beans
Sea Fever – Crossed Wires
Nywvre – Manifes
Sir Robert Orange Peel – Eurofix
Faithful Johannes – Different
Wu-Lu – South ft. Lex Amor
Chiedu Oraka – The Trials & Tribulations of CEO ft. Tawanda
Leddie MC (pictured) – Just The One ft. Rick Fury and Seek the Northerner
Eli Hermit – Birds
Kaouenn – Psychic Nomad
Rib Corps – Toil On
Rutger Hoedemaekers – Goodbye, Donald