RADIO LIES ep 345: christmas special

Ho ho ho. We nearly made it, everyone. OK, so we’re in tier n+1 where n is a large number, we may not be able to see who we thought we were going to….
Forget that. Christmas innit. So here’s the annual festive edition of the show. There’s a lot of ‘lonely christmas’ vibes out there for obvious reasons, but we’ve tried not to go too strong on that and have some diversity of thought. Picks this year are from The Sinclairs – Rat Scabies’ new(ish) band – and our chum Faithful Johannes, while we have two tracks from Fightmilk’s festive EP which other than these two original tracks features a bunch of covers. Speaking of which, Talkboy have a cover in here too, just before we end in the traditional manner, with a dodgy transformer.

The Sinclairs – Pillow Fight Skies feat. Jane Horrocks
Jetstream Pony – Grief Of A (Frozen) Sailor
Arrest! Charlie Tipper – Xmas=Consume
Fightmilk – Happy Christmas (I Guess I’ll See You Next Year)
Dream Nails – Lonely Star
The Hannah Barberas – Can You Hear The Snowfall?
Oh Peas! – Feeling Terrible This Christmas
Faithful Johannes – It’s OK To Be Alone
Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer – I’m Getting The Blame For Christmas
Minimal Schlager – Fireworks feat. Eddie Argos and Laura Lee
Fightmilk – I’m Dreaming Of A Christmas (Where You Just Explode)
Porridge Radio – The Last Time I Saw You (O Christmas)
Police Dog Hogan – First Christmas Alone
Slow Club – It’s Christmas And You’re Boring Me
Talkboy – White Christmas
Half Man Half Biscuit – All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit

Be safe, be well. We’ll have our end-of-year round up later in the week, but other than that, we’re off until the new year. Good luck everyone.