This week I am indebted to my friend Kelly who put me on to Divide And Dissolve. What a sound. What an assault on the senses.
Before you get to that though, you’ve new stuff from Shame – eagerly awaited – Mush, Django Django, friends of the show Johny Nocash and Birds And Beasts, Du Blonde, Big Lad and Vukovar. Any one of those would make a regular week a good one, but they all arrive together to make a fab one.

The Nearlies – Pinjata
Mush – Blint Instruments
Shame – Water In The Well
Thank – Think Less
Low Hummer – Take Arms
Big Lad – Monster Jam
Seasurfer – Zombies
Blue Bendy – International
Madisyn Whajne – One Shot
Johny Nocash – Roasting On the Cobwebs
Du Blonde – Medicated feat. Shirley Manson
Nervous Twitch – Tongue Tied
Birds And Beasts – Dancemaster
Pale Blue Eyes – Motionless
Vukovar – Hearing Voices
Django Django – Glowing In The Dark
Divide And Dissolve (pictured) – We Are Really Worried About You