Highlights for the week are a new single off what is probably going to be our album of the year by Working Men’s Club, an email from our chums Night Giants with news of their banging new EP and also from Faithful Johannes with more of his unique stylings. New stuff from old giffers corner sees Half Japanese and Teenage Fanclub come back with new material. This one was a joy to put together and it bangs, so have a listen and maybe you’ll find your next favourite band in there.

Ed Dowie – Robot Joy Army
Working Men’s Club – John Cooper Clarke
Lalalar – Hiç Mutlu Olmam Daha İyi
Night Giants (pictured) – Selector
Faithful Johannes – Dust
Cavernzz – Heartbreak For England
Radio Europa – Lick The Shadow
Jesu – When I Was Small
Chiedu Oraka – Serve You A Taster
Fat Earthers – Like Like Like
Half Japanese – Undisputed Champions
Head Noise – Age Of Content
The Fuckin’ Glorious – Another Mess
Kiwi Jr – Cooler Returns
Teenage Fanclub – Home
Van Houten – You And Me