New Sleaford Mods is the headline this week, with a new LP to come early next year. Eli Hermit has long been a favourite here and there’s a new EP out shortly. John MOuse’s lockdown (the first lockdown, that is) LP The Goat has a physical release now, so we mark that with a track from it. And our chums UkePunk are back. And there’s a load of other great stuff too so dig in.

Spectres – Idolise Us!
Mourn – This Feeling Is Disgusting
Eat Your Own Head – Poltergeist
Kate Clover (pictured) – Channel Zero
Real(s) – Radiation
UkePunk – Overspill
Micko & The Mellotronics – Psychedelic Shirt
Laundromat – Bureau De Fatigue
Lazy Queen – Last Call
Культодиночества – Тени
Modem – Incarceration
John MOuse – A Well Planned Party
Yiğit Bülbül – Mulhouse
Sleaford Mods – Mork n Mindy feat. Billy Nomates
Eli Hermit – Daze
Riz Ahmed – Once Kings