We open this week with an off-the-cuff bit from Andy Falkous in his Christian Fitness guise, taking the whack-ass ramblings of Ian Brown (from his mate’s phone, presumably) and setting them to music. It’s 2020, so why not. We end with a more thoughtful poem from Riz Ahmed. In between times, there’s a new one from Viagra Boys, veterans Alan Jenkins and Jello Biafra, before veering into the electronic with Paula, Povoa and Jerge – a Franco-Brazilian outfit – and the Colombian Ela Minus.

Christian Fitness – Granny Killaz (Ian Brown cover)
Viagra Boys – Ain’t Nice
Primitive Ignorant – Beautiful Scum feat. Daisy Coburn
Fuzz – Returning
Muck & The Mires – I’m Your Man
Stepford Wives – Living In The Shadows
Alan Jenkins & The Kettering Vampires – Observation Balloons
The Dead Freights – Stray Dogs
Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine (pictured) – Tea Party Revenge Porn
USA Nails – Character Stop
The Sunny Smiles Three – God’s Empty Chair
Shards – 2020 (I Want To Go Home)
Les Flaneurs – Dark Souls
Easy – Radical Innocence
Strawberry Pills – The Voyeur
Paula, Povoa & Jerge – Primavera
Ela Minus – They Told Us It Was Hard, But They Were Wrong
Riz Ahmed – I Miss You