Double Benefits top and tail us this week with Kingsley Chapman riffing on the state of things. Not to say they aren’t making music, just that this format allows comment in the immediacy of the next pile of shite to emerge from this godforsaken year. In between, new stuff from the always exciting Shame, the return of Django Django and more from A Certain Ratio’s forthcoming new LP. There’s a new New Order track which certainly sounds like a New Order track which is fine if you like New Order tracks. Disclosure have another banger of an LP out and there’s a bunch of other stuff you might quite like. So have a listen, eh?

Benefits (pictured) – The Last Orders
Shame – Alphabet
Mudd Club – TV Girl
Bee Bee Sea – Daily Jobs
Pleasure Leftists – Elephant Men
Benjamin Belinska – Dancing On The Southside
Sweet Benfica – Queen Of The Hornets
Aldous RH – Reply
She Robot – Obsessed With You
The Sexy Wild East – You Can’t Change People’s Minds Anymore
Luke Wright & Cobbler – Back At The End Again
New Order – Be A Rebel
Django Django – Spirals
A Certain Ratio – Berlin
Confidence Man – First Class Bitch
Disclosure – Lavender
Karenn – On Request
Benefits – Adequate Distance