Bit late to the latest Ghostpoet release, but it’s magnificent. Sault have been dominating the office turntable of late and while the track we feature here isn’t off the latest one – Untitled (Black Is) – still worth a spin. The new one is terrific too. New Working Men’s Club which sounds fab, Circe is new to us but that’s a great sound, similarly Gemma Dunleavy we are totally on board with, and we hope Chiedu Oraka goes places as we like the cut of his gib. Tuck in.

Ghostpoet – I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep
Gemma Dunleavy – Up De Flats
Sault – Why Why Why Why Why
Working Men’s Club – Valleys
Julian Shah-Tayler – Evolution ft. MGT
Vast Asteroid – Champagne Ambassadors
Kicked In The Teeth – Death Adventure
Sugar Fïtz – Skin Sparks
Palm Ghosts – Press Animals
The Hannah Barberas – W.Y.E.
c l y n – I Don’t Know You
Emily Breeze – Hey Kidz
Circe – Ten Girls
Blokeacola – Heavy Fruit
Chiedu Oraka (pictured) – Bianca
Dan Wainwright – Om Nama Shivaya (Rude Audio Fresh remix)