There’s a new LP from Eight Rounds Rapid in the offing. Be excited. We have another new track from them. Wesdaruler isn’t holding back as we head toward a general election in the US. That’s a killer track. Luke Wright finally has some poetry set to music. About time.
Oh, it’s all good. Dive in, give your ears a treat. Stay well.

Bull – Green
Pynch – Somebody Else
Tiña – Golden Rope
Wesdaruler (pictured) – Fuck Trump America
The Wolfhounds – …And Electric Music
Eight Rounds Rapid – Tricks
Kid Dad – What You Call A Dream
You Will Flood The River – Evil Frank Is Dead
Blue Stragglers – She
Cherry Pickles – Out Of This World
Oxymorrons – Justice
Pan Amsterdam – Carrot Cake
Luke Wright & Cobbler – Monster
Drew Five – The Meeting Place
Shit And Shine – Hillbilly Moonshine
Whirling Hall Of Knives – Those Tracers