Lots of good new stuff at the moment for us to get stuck into. We open with another new one from Idles from their upcoming LP. From Brighton, LibraLibra are new to us, El Goodo not so much but they’re back with new stuff, as is LA Salami. The C33s bring Americana to Manchester and there are side projects from Eccentronic Research Council/Moonlandingz head honcho Adrian Flanagan in the guise of Adult Entertainment and parts of the mighty Meatraffle combining with Brixton street poet Beady Man. And we end on a call to arms from the Dub Pistols.

Idles – A Hymn
The Sea At Midnight – We Share The Same Stars
LibraLibra – Lonely Girl
The Blinders – Mule Track
Black Needle Noise – She Talks To Angels ft. John Fryer and Anjela Piccard
The C33s (pictured) – Harpurhey Hostility
Snow Coats – Poor Girl
El Goodo – The Grey Tower
LA Salami – Things Ain’t Changed
Culpho Dog Gymkhana – The Asteroid Fourteen
Goldroom & Moontower – Guess I’m Jaded
The Otherness – No Token
Adult Entertainment – Gurl On Gurl
Dialect – Come Up
Beady Man/Mysterion Zapien – AmeriKKKa
Dub Pistols ft. Rhoda Dakar – Stand Together