Last week, we said we’d have some non-remixed output from bdrmm, so that’s up for starters this time round. The Klittens are a band you must hear as are our pals £2 (or 2£, or Two Pound). Melt Yourself Down should be among the bands you look out for releasing new stuff – they are for us – and what d’you know? They’ve new stuff out. Still got some remix action to close us out and there’s loads of the usual goodness in the middle. Get on it.

bdrmm – Momo
Velvet Starlings – Karmic Lemonade
We Are Waves – Selva
Haneke Twins – Astronaut
The Klittens (pictured) – Bleeding Gums
The Lovely Eggs – Long Stem Carnations
£2 – Shower Beer
Tommy & The Commies – Hurtin’ 4 Certain
Home Counties – Dad Bod
Ättestor – Landlords
Oceaneers – Prince Of The Vagabond People
Broken Baby – Weatherman
The City Gates – Siegfried 1969 ft. Vlimmer and Francis Nothingwater
Melt Yourself Down – Boot And Spleen
Spectral – Zip Zap Zoom
Man Of Moon – Skin (The Big Light remix)