Highlights at the top and the bottom of the show today, with new Benefits opening up and ACR closing out. In between, BBXO are back, Hull outfit bdrmm are really good and have a cracking remix to share. We’ll play some of their more usual stuff in coming editions. French psycho-nutcases The Scaners have a new one and Enola Gay are going to be worth keeping an eye on. Reckon they’re going places.

Benefits – Shit Britain
Jaz Coleman & Ondrej Smeykal – On The Day The Earth Went Mad
Enola Gay – Birth Of A Nation
BBXO – Sabotage
Beach Riot – Wrong Impression
The Scaners – Mars Attacks
The Taboo Club – Debauched Times
Magic Seas – Again And The Fall
Flossed In Paradise – Off World
Blue Stragglers – All Mine
Pet Wife – B.L.U.E
LYR – Never Good With Horses
Corasandel – Cracked Light
NKOS – BOW (Brave Old World)
bdrmm – A Reason To Celebrate (Glok remix)
A Certain Ratio (pictured) – Always In Love