Still staying at home, here’s something else to divert you for a short while. We have a couple of tracks from good mate Johny Nocash’s new EP which you can get as a pay what you like download and we suggest you do. Ceiling Demons are also lads we are happy to call friends and they’ve got a new one too which fits in with stuff from Me Not Me, Dylan Cartlidge and Sage Francis, whose track here came out in 2017 but has made it into the digital world now as part of a fundraising effort. Go to Strange Famous records and make a donation and he’ll give you a download. There’s another from the ongoing lockdown album project from John MOuse while electro-friends DXIII and Benjamin Mason have tracks included, the latter under the side-project Benfro. And there’s all sorts of other stuff in there too, starting with a 30-second blast from ex-Carter man Jimbob. Tuck in.

Jimbob – 2020 WTF
The Prefab Messiahs – 21st Century Failure
Nuala Honan – Head Undone
Johny Nocash – PartyTyme
Jamarazza – Alucinosis
The Aliens – Beautiful Face
Stealing Signs – The Coast
Brudini – Radiant Man
kmfrommyills – the garden inside
John MOuse – A Well-planned Party
Me Lost Me – The End Of the World
Dylan Cartlidge – Yellow Brick Road
Ceiling Demons (pictured) – Illusions
Sage Francis – Slumlord Of The Slumlords
DXIII – Par Avion
Benfro – Baby Brain
Johny Nocash – All Is Well