This is getting a bit of a drag now, isn’t it? Suffice to say I ain’t coping so well, but putting this together has been something of a relief and a diversion. It’s also come out pretty well, I reckon.
What we got then? New old stock from Bowie, old old stock from Peruvian anarcho-punks Narcosis just because. We open with new stuff from Belgians [p.u.t] featuring Infidelix on vocals. There are corona specials aplenty; another one from John MOuse’s isolation project The Goat and from house favourites Meatraffle. We got an email from old friends Deer – the Mexican band based in Hong Kong. Great to hear from them with their new track. Yard Act are a spin-off from Menace Beach and their debut is a belter. Sweet Benfica are in there, our mate Samh has a spring-flavoured track out, we go to Latvia for something from The Eternal Witness, Cold Water Swimmers have a new one out and we close on a banger from Bleaching Agent. Tuck in and do consider buying something. Support independent music.

[p.u.t] – Gold ft. Infidelix
Gee Tee – 1970s Chicks
Deer (pictured) – Deaf
The Eternal Witness – Nerve Center
John MOuse – Le Pigeon
Biscuit Mouth – Hawaiian Fibre Tiger: I Was Born To Jive
Narcosis – Represion
David Bowie – Repression ’97
Brendan Benson – Richest Man
Samh – Lazy Spring
Sweet Benfica – White Rarebit
Cold Water Swimmers – Robot
Blokeacola – I Change My Mind
Yard Act – The Trapper’s Pelts
Meatraffle – Oh Corona (Treasure Isle Mix)
Bleaching Agent – Set You Going