Lockdown week whatever it is. I think it’s Monday. Hope you’re all keeping well anyway and here’s something to divert for you for an hour or so.
We start as we did last week with new old stock, this time a previously unreleased track from McCarthy that seems apposite. More lockdown boredom avoidance, this time from John MOuse who is doing a track a week which will form the LP Goat in due course. Finally, I get round to sticking one in from the latest Wild Billy Childish album, and I promised the flip-side of Samh’s new single and here it is. There’s a tremendous cover of Del Amitri from Rats From A Sinking Ship, one from Sir Robert Orange Peel’s excellent new LP titled Arthur Fowler’s Christmas Club and we close with a belter from ADF. Been a fan since the start and this is among their best ever.

McCarthy – Who Will Rid Me Of These Troublesome Proles
Unruly Girls – She Grew Up In A Shotgun Row
Ugly Fly Guys – Cult Of Buzz
Irma Vep – I Do What I Want
John MOuse – Buy-to-let Industry Expert
Samh – Just Like Me And You, They Don’t Know What They’re Doing
Rats From A Sinking Ship – Nothing Ever Happens
Wild Billy Childish & The Chatham Singers – Got Love if You Want To
The Mystery Plan – Al Gore Rhythms
Darman – Splash
The Sewer Cats – Rich Cheaters
The Grey Merchant – Sonder
HMS Morris – Poetry
Laundromat – Slow Clap
Sir Robert Orange Peel – Aldi
Asian Dub Foundation – Stealing The Future