The studio is closed for the foreseeable and as you’ve not been able to hear my dulcet tones lately anyway, I figure let’s carry on as we have been. Lord alone knows I need an outlet and I’m sure you do to. So to business.
There’s another one from Baxter Dury’s new LP which you need to get on. Feminist agit-punk from Dream Nails, a trip to Spain with Biznaga and old friends Fold with their new one. And it gets all wonky later on with new stuff from GusGus, Lawrence King and Nathan Fake before closing with a track from the new release from the don himself, Steve Cobby. Dive in, enjoy, and wash your hands afterwards.

Aborted Tortoise – Violent Consumer
Hairy Mussels – Waterboarding
Witch Fever – Bezerk(h)er
The Kairos – Teetotal
Catholic Action – One Of Us
Dream Nails – Kiss My Fist
The Battery Farm – Poet Boy
Biznaga – 2k20
Tourists – Smokescreen
Baxter Dury (pictured) – I’m Not Your Dog
Fold – Concrete Things
International Teachers Of Pop – Don’t Diss The Disco
GusGus – Out Of Place
Lawrence King – Shuttle Loop
Nathan Fake – Tbilisi
Steve Cobby – Back In The Land Of The Living

Do consider purchasing some of these and exploring the artists back catalogue. Support your favourite musicians in these extraordinary times.