Couple of smashing debuts from Panic Shack and Neighbours Burning Neighbours, some Christmas cheer from Heckel & Jeckel, Americana about fast food from MFC Chicken. Show favourites the X-Ray Cat Trio and Sweet Benfica have new stuff out too. And all hail a surprise new track from The Avalanches. All among this weeks selections.

Jetstream Pony – Yellow Pills
Do Nothing – LeBron James
MFC Chicken – KFC Called The Cops On Me
Jester In Jail – Oh, Feelings!
Heckel & Jeckel – We Wish You A Merry Nothing
X-Ray Cat Trio (pictured) – Deathrace 2000
Panic Shack – Who’s Got My Lighter?
Neighbours Burning Neighbours – Softly
MiG 15 – Interstellar
Sweet Benfica – Tentacles
Monalia – Somebody Else
Mega Emotion – I Want So Much More Than You Can Give
Best Coast – Different Light
Warm Digits – Fools Tomorrow ft. Paul Smith
The Avalanches – We Will Always Love You ft. Blood Orange
6th Crowd – The Day Is Over