A cracking selection this week, of I do say so myself.

RMFC – The Clue
The Limboos – Where Did She Go?
The Anomalys – Trooper
Snakeskin Shoe Review – 1979
Vile Assembly – Last Century Man
Slowness – Rose
The Dirty Contacts – When You Stop Loving Me
Money For Rope – Earl Grey
208L Containers – Feral Cats In The Tasmanian North-East
Beauty Stab – O Eden
Keepers At Noon – I Want To Be Your Robot
The Proper Ornaments – Please Release Me
Zeit! – De Noche Beirut
Fold – Living On A Knife Edge feat. Mr Gee
Istanbul Hippodrome – Dreamland
Psymbionic – Bionic Chronic (pictured)

That last track though. Ooft.
More of this sort of thing next time.