Back once again. Open up your ears.

Red Eye – Get Up And Fight
Slovenians – I’m Not Batman
Sweet Benfica – Church Of The Scared
Kælan Mikla – Ástarljóð
Mary Bell – I Used To Be Kind To People In Crowds, But It Gave Me Murderous Tendencies
Swine Tax – Conversation
iamarocketship – Face Off
Ex Hex – Cosmic Cave
The Limiñanas – Mirror #1 feat. Kirk Lake (pictured)
The Wave Pictures – Shelly
Rustin Man – Vanishing Heart
The Cowls – Time Is On My Nerves
Fat White Family – Feet
Sleaford Mods – Kebab Spider
Kid Kin – Jarmo
Carry The Martyr – 0001
Jay Glass Dubs – Animal Estate feat. Yorgia Karidi

Off next week – off to see The Wave Pictures as it happens – so back in a fortnight.