Should be back to a weekly routine now for a bit, but all these weeks off mean I’ve still got a massive backlog to work through, so let’s crack on.

My Autumn Empire – Future Song
Voice Of Aiko – Prescription Dream
Hugh Cornwell – Pure Evel
Bauer – Bully Boy
A+ – Shadows
Don Gonzo – Quit Your Job (pictured)
Drenge – Bonfire Of The City Boys
Papaya Fuzz – Set Me Free
Swine Tax – Natural Causes
The Baggios – Deserto ft Baiana System
Guerilla Toss – Meteorological
Russ Litten – Bohemia
Levelz – Respect Respect
Gloria – White Lily
Daughters – Satan In The Wait
Noctorum – Piccadilly Circus In The Rain
Silent Forum – Robot
The Noise & The Naive – Pharmaprix