Another bumper episode as the week-on, week-off schedule continues. Getting bumped for live football next week – the absolute cheek of it.
Anyway, 19 juicy fresh tracks for you to have a go at this week.

DJ Yoda ft Joel Culpepper – London Fields
Meatraffle – London Life
Du Blonde – Buddy
Elvis McGonagall & His Resurrectors – 31 Descriptions Of Donald Trump’s Haircut
The Flithy Tongues – The Ghost Of Rab McVie
Applicants – Hypochondriac #2
Polly Panic – Losing Form
Hands Off Gretel – S.A.S.S
Snakerattlers – Sweet Sixteen (pictured)
Sports Team – Margate
Blades Of Joy – Inside Out
Plastic Mermaids – 1996
Wolf Girl – Maths In The Real World
The Tea Street Band – Only Love
Mongrels ft Jason Williamson – Over Eggin’ It
Eli Hermit – Rats
Rift|Fault – Dusted Off And Everything
Ninna Lundberg – Way Out
Firefriend – Shut Down Your Electronic Hallucinations

Back in a fortnight.