A bumper episode this week given I wasn’t in last week and won’t be in next week. Been ill too, so the voice wasn’t in great nick. I managed to croak through to the end though.

The Cool Greenhouse – London
LA Salami – England Is Unwell
Paliki – Change Your Face
Fightmilk – How You Move On
The Starlight Magic Hour – Song To Johnny
Weirds – Supersymmetry
Fews – Business Man
Chambers – Tales Of Adoration
Holygram – Signals
Hen Ogledd – Problem Child
The Junta – All Roads
Whispering Sons – Alone
Dead Sea Apes & Adam Stone – (You Are) Doing What You Want (All Of The Time)
Lou Terry – Colours
Acc├╝ – Crash To Kill
Lexytron – Blackmail
The Breeders – Spacewoman
John Metcalfe – Solitude feat. Rosie Doonan (pictured)

Next episode in a fortnight.