Another hour (and a bit) of what’s been tickling our earlobes this last week.

Track list:
Boing Boing – SMBYFP
Terry – Bureau
Dusty Mush – The Ostrich Effect
Turkish Delight – All Choked Up
Musta Paraati – The Leader
Beauty In Chaos – Storm
BSÍ – Ekki Á Leid
Dolls – Sugar Free
No Violet – She Goes Her Own Way
Matt Berry – Are You Being Served?
Milver – Talking
Eli Hermit – Shellehs (pictured)
BBXO – 3
Rude Audio – To The Sun
Felix Eul – Nautilus
Shatterbrain – Tip Your Hats

Not about next week, so it’ll be a fortnight for your next earful.