Changes afoot here at Liar Towers. Real life has got in the way a lot lately and it’s clear we need a different approach. To that end, we’re co-opting our editor’s radio show to be a weekly round-up of what’s tickling our ears. It also gives us chance to dabble with oldies and reissues an ting. He’s been doing this for some time, so while this is episode one of Radio Lies, it’s actually his 243rd show so we’re picking up the numbering from there. Just deal with it, OK.

These are recommended and their inclusion here is an endorsement.

Track list:
Parsnip – It Couldn’t Be True
Moody Beaches – Guns
Sauna Youth – Percentages
Idles – Danny Nedelko*
Idles – Great*
Pinch Points – Teflon
The Paranoyds – Maldito
The Pineapple Thief – Try As I Might
Sons Of the Descent – Knowing Gaze
Idles – Samaritans*
SAMT – I Wü Di
Magic Mist – Flare Path
STFU – The Liar
Nazamba – Vex
Paul Hartnoll – Heartwork
Frost – Dreaming

* This week’s featured album is the frankly brilliant Joy As An Act Of Resistance by Idles (pictured). Go and get it.