A fifth slice of Wooden Shjips, titled V. appropriately enough, arrives. And it’s as Wooden and Shjippy as you may expect.

As the sun filters through the tiny skylight in the garret we call an office, there is little better than this to help the day glide by. It’s slacker psych-rock and, ostensibly a summer record. But of course there’s a twist. “We had huge forest fires just outside of Portland and there was intense haze and layers of ash in the city. I was sitting on my porch every evening, watching ash fall down like snow, the sky looking like it was on fire. It was an apocalyptic feeling. Summer in Portland is usually really chill and beautiful, and we were working on a ‘summer record,’ but the outside world kept intruding on my headspace” says Ripley Johnson on the sleeve notes.

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words by @johnnydobbo