For many of us weirdos, the month of June is all about skinny blokes on bikes riding up and down Alps and Pyrenees. And music is no stranger to the idiosyncratic rhythms of bike racing.

Kraftwerk, obviously, and the Chemical Brothers have released cycling themed records while The Delgados and Abdoujaparov take their name from the pro ranks. Friend of the site Nat Lyon has form in this regard too. His new album, Slant Front Desk, contains two Tour de France themed tracks among the ‘pastoral-punk / janky drone-pop’ (his words) that adorn the record. Riding High doesn’t feature Lyon’s Grandaddy-esque vocals at all, instead taking clips of veteran cycling commentators Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen set to a dreamy soundtrack.

Get Slant Front Desk here including a physical version with hand-painted cover. Follow @natlyon

words by @johnnydobbo