It’s always a pleasure to get mail from our good friends Ceiling Demons. The North Yorkshire hip-hoppers in conjunction with Darlington label Butterfly Effect have a special edition vinyl edition of their well-received album Nil coming out.

We’ve talked about the record before. We described it as mature, deep and rich as it addresses themes surrounding mental illness and male (specifically) suicide. The profits raised from the sale of the record are going to Teesside mental health charity MenTellHealth. And if that wasn’t reason enough to get it, it’s on clear vinyl with black and white spatter. Just look at it, for goodness sake. LOOK AT IT!

ceiling demons record

All that is accompanied by the new single Without Certainty which encompasses all that is good about the Demons themselves and the album.

Get your order in (at time of writing there are 2 left) for the record here. Follow @ceilingdemons

words by @johnnydobbo