The Fugs released CIA Man back in 1965. It’s all about the CIA operating beyond the boundaries of legality in overthrowing regimes and run covert operations. Snapped Ankles have updated that for the post-Snowden era.

It’s no longer the CIA that we need to fear, rather the NSA. Big data, mass data collection and surveillance, warrantless snooping, the sharing of that data across borders all without sufficient oversight. It’s terrifying, really. London’s Snapped Ankles update it musically as well, though there’s the suggestion of the constant presence of Devo in the background. Stick a plant pot on the head and you’re there. But it’s good, it’s welcome and it’s just as necessary now as The Fugs were 50 years ago.

The track will appear on the EP Violation due out for Record Shop Day, but you can get it now here. Follow @snappedankles

words by @johnnydobbo