Every now and then, an email drops in our inbox that makes your heart soar. “Hey! I really think you’ll dig my music, noisy electronic psych punk from Cairo.” It’s like he knows us.

The he in this instance is Cherif El Masri, member of The Invisible Hands alongside Alan Bishop and Nadah El Shazly’s live band, but as his label, Doom Trip, say, that is no preparation for what awaits on Live At The Necropolis, his first record in the guise of Tarkamt.
The title intrigued us, but it is no live album. Instead, it’s what he suggested in his email. And yet so much more. It also veers towards the trippy, skirts round ambient, rises and falls, builds you and blows you apart. It’s phenomenal stuff.

Get Live At The Necropolis here. Follow @Tarkamt_ and find him on Facebook

words by @johnnydobbo