Approaching their tenth year, Awolnation has pretty much become a solo vehicle for founder/frontman Aaron Bruno with a rotating cast of supporting musicians to flesh out his ideas.

This doesn’t necessarily lead to a diminution of his powers. It worked for The Fall, The Blue Aeroplanes et cetera and so on. The third LP, Here Come The Runts, came out earlier in the month with the stand-out track being this, Seven Sticks Of Dynamite. A western-style rock single with what looks a tremendously fun video to shoot, it’s been put out by sugary-caffeinated gloop merchants Red Bull. Are there no pies into which their hyperactive fingers will not be stuffed? Anyway, it’s dead good. Go get it.

Here Come The Runts is out now from all reputable and disreputable, tax-dodging retailers. Follow @awolnation

words by @johnnydobbo