Check yo privilege. That’s pretty much what Sunderland’s Brewis brothers are saying on this record, the first taken from the new Field Music album.

Written on his son’s keyboard in the aftermath of the EU referendum result, Dave Brewis is railing against conservative theories recognised by Joseph Stiglitz. “There’s a section in a book by Stiglitz called Making Globalisation Work”, he says in a press release, “about how those on the right hand side of the political spectrum tend to ascribe their fortunes entirely in the frame of their own talents. If somebody is poor it’s because they’re stupid, and if I’m rich it’s not because my parents gave me a great start in life, or money, or a great education, it’s because I’m talented and brilliant. I think all of that fed into this howl of rage set to what’s basically my version of ‘Material Girl.'”
Musically, it’s classic Field Music. Nobody else sounds like them and they sound like nobody else. Long may that continue.

Open Here is out now from flippin’ everywhere on Memphis Industries. Follow @fieldmusicmusic

words by @johnnydobbo